A fork of Contact Form 7 that actually uses labels (sometimes) and doesn’t suck at checkboxes.
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=== Contact Form 8 ===
Contributors: alanhogan
Tags: contact, contact form, email, ajax, captcha, akismet
Requires at least: 2.7
Tested up to: 2.9-rare
Stable tag: 2.0.1

== Description ==

A fork of Contact Form 7 (by takayukister), Contact Form 8 improves things like checkboxes (labels!).

"Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible."

Contact Form 7 and Contact Form 8 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. The form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

**Now multiple checkboxes are not on one line, and clicking the label always toggles the checkbox.**

The CAPTCHA module has been separated as the [Really Simple CAPTCHA](http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/really-simple-captcha/) plugin, which is required if you would like to use CAPTCHAs in your contact form.

Since being published in August 2007, Contact Form 7 has been translated into a number of languages. Our thanks and appreciation must go to the following for their contributions:

* Albanian (sq) - [Olgi Zenullari](http://www.olgizenullari.com/)
* Arabic (ar) - [Tarek Chaaban](http://www.chaaban.info/) and Muhammed Lardi
* Bangla (bn_BD) - [SM Mehdi Akram](http://www.shamokaldarpon.com/)
* Bosnian (bs) - [Vedran](http://www.seorabbit.com/)
* Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) - [Leonardo Pinheiro](http://www.eletrikabarbarella.com.br/) (updated by [Henrique Vianna](http://henriquevianna.com/))
* Bulgarian (bg_BG) - [Iliyan Darganov](http://www.darganov.com/)
* Catalan (ca_ES) - [Jordi Sancho](http://www.qasolutions.net/blog)
* Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN) - [Soz](http://www.webtoolol.com/)
* Chinese, Traditional (zh_TW) - [James Wu](http://jameswublog.com)
* Croatian (hr) - [tolingo Translation Services](http://www.tolingo.com)
* Czech (cs_CZ) - Korry
* Danish (da_DK) - [Jens Griebel](http://www.kompas-it.dk/) (updated by [Georg S. Adamsen](http://wordpress.blogos.dk/))
* Dutch (nl_NL) - [Chris Devriese](http://www.100it.be/) (updated by [Martin Hein](http://www.split-a-pixel.nl/))
* Estonian (et) - [Peeter Rahuvarm](http://www.kraabus.ee)
* Finnish (fi) - [Miika Turunen](http://www.webwork.fi/)
* French (fr_FR) - [Jillij](http://www.jillij.com/) (updated by [Maître Mô](http://maitremo.fr/))
* Georgian (ka_GE) - [Nodar Davituri](http://omedia.ge/)
* German (de_DE) - [Marcel Spitau](http://blog.spitau.de) (updated by [Ivan Graf](http://blog.bildergallery.com/))
* Greek (el) - [Nick Mouratidis](http://www.kepik.gr/) (updated by [Pr. friedlich](http://friedlich.wordpress.com/))
* Hebrew (he_IL) - [Yaron Ofer](http://www.gadgetguru.co.il/)
* Hindi (hi_IN) - [Tarun Joshi](http://www.readers-cafe.net/)
* Hungarian (hu_HU) - [Andras Hirschler](http://hia.itblog.hu/)
* Indonesian (id_ID) - [Hendry Lee](http://blogbuildingu.com/)
* Italian (it_IT) - [Bruno](http://www.brunosalzano.com) (updated by [Gianni Diurno](http://gidibao.net/))
* Japanese (ja) - [Takayuki Miyoshi](http://ideasilo.wordpress.com) (plugin author)
* Korean (ko_KR) - Seong Eun Lee (updated by [Jong-In Kim](http://incommunity.codex.kr/wordpress/))
* Latvian (lv) - [Sandis Veinbergs](http://www.kleofass.lv/)
* Norwegian (nb_NO) - Kjetil M. Bergem
* Persian (Farsi; fa_IR) - [Mohammad Musavi](http://www.musavis.com/)
* Polish (pl_PL) - [Zbigniew Czernik](http://zibik.jogger.pl/)
* Portuguese (pt_PT) - [Hugo Baeta](http://hugobaeta.com)
* Russian (ru_RU) - [Dmitry Volotovich](http://www.volnov.com)
* Romanian (ro_RO) - [Stas Sushkov](http://stas.nerd.ro/)
* Serbian (sr_RS) - [Vedran](http://www.seorabbit.com/)
* Slovak (sk) - [Patrik Bóna](http://www.mrhead.sk/)
* Slovene (sl_SI) - [Mihael Simonič](http://smihael.bplaced.net)
* Spanish (es_ES) - [Jordi Sancho](http://www.qasolutions.net/blog)
(updated by [Vladimir Prieto](http://vladimir.prie.to/), [Federico Mikaelian](http://www.fedemika.com.ar/) and [Matias Baldanza](http://matiasbaldanza.com/))
* Swedish (sv_SE) - [Fredrik Jonsson](http://www.fredda-o-ac.se/) (updated by [the Swedish community](http://wp-support.se/))
* Turkish (tr_TR) - [Roman Neumuller](http://katpatuka.wordpress.com) (updated by [Hasan Yılmaz](http://hedefturkce.com/))
* Ukrainian (uk_UA) - [Andrey Kovba](http://myserver.com.ua/)
* Vietnamese (vi) - Thanh Hải, Hà

== Installation ==

1. Upload the entire `contact-form-8` folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.

2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.

3. You will find 'Contact' menu in your WordPress admin panel.

For basic usage, you can also have a look at the [Contact Form 7 plugin homepage](http://ideasilo.wordpress.com/2007/04/30/contact-form-7/) and [FAQ](http://ideasilo.wordpress.com/2008/03/29/contact-form-7-faq/).

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Please see [FAQ](http://ideasilo.wordpress.com/2008/03/29/contact-form-7-faq/).

If you have any further questions,
please submit them [to the support forum](http://wordpress.org/tags/contact-form-7#postform).

Attention: [Check your site before reporting trouble, please!](http://ideasilo.wordpress.com/2009/01/20/check-your-site-before-reporting-trouble-please/)

== Screenshots ==

1. screenshot-1.png

== Changelog ==

[See change logs in author's blog.](http://ideasilo.wordpress.com/tag/contact-form-7/)