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- Better stats page.
- More compatible with sqlite (see [#7][]).
- Other small fixes and improvements.
- Supports a custom timezone in `config.php`.
- Special thanks to [Matt Wiebe]( for a lot of these changes.
- Merged changes from jfro’s fork.
- Changed insert queries to support Postgres
- Avoid php short tags which aren't always enabled
- Fixed issue [#4]( regarding the bookmarklets and clicking ‘Cancel’ in the prompt.
- Fixed issue [#6]( regarding 404s (thanks to repearhulk for the patch).
- Trims punctuation from the right of the slug, per [best practices](
- Improved security
- Corrected the stats table
- Optimize a couple queries
- Fix for finding banned words and glyphs anywhere but the end of the slug
- Case sensitivity in MySQL
2.0 (Lessn More fork)
- Protected against SQL injection attacks
- Support for aliases - set the 'url' field in a database row to be the token you want to want to alias to, and the 'redir_type' to 'alias'
- Support for the 410 GONE response for deleted redirections - set 'redir_type' to 'gone' in the DB row
- Avoids collisions between automatically assigned shortcuts and manual ones
- Allows mixed-case shortcuts
- Expanded README
- Added migration script for butteredurls users
- Custom slugs in bookmarklets
- Prettied up installation
- Allowed overwriting existing slugs (with a warning that this is bad for the Internet)
- Fix for #1
- Support for api and redirect URL arguments thanks to Lessn 1.0.5
- Added new configuration option HOMEPAGE_URL for redirecting somewhere if no short url is given
1.1 (butteredurls fork)
- modified query calls to use PDO to allow PostgreSQL/SQLite support
- created an install.php to handle execution of installation queries
- created statistics table to record IP/referer/timestamp
- added column to urls table for doing custom urls like /flickr
- added simple statistics (hits) page in admin area
- updated existing url query to also compare the url in the event of multiple matching checksums
- changed UNIQUE checksum index to non-unique INDEX to allow for legitimate collisions
- added note about .htaccess to README.txt
- added "Updating from 1.0.1" to README.txt
- added CHANGES.txt
- fixed YEAR definition (was 356 days instead of 365)
- fixed typos in README.txt
- initial release