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v1.0.5. Fix Manifest.
v1.0.4. Fix server_failure_count mangling in memcached_quit.
v1.0.3. Clearer benchmarking.
v1.0.2. Don't allow compilation with -O3.
v1.0.1. SASL compilation fix (tnzk); Rubinious fix (evanphx); re-SWIG.
v1. Fix empty string return value bug in multiget.
v0.20.1. Better module naming. Oops.
v0.20.0. Add experimental module, with get_len() operator (rgbenson).
v0.19.10. Add no-op hash (MEMCACHED_HASH_NONE) to skip hashing when there is one server (bierbaum). Updated benchmark.
v0.19.8. Support :noreply behavior.
v0.19.7. Add no block prepend and append support for the ASCII protocol (rgbenson).
v0.19.6. Add get_from_last.
v0.19.5. Fix autoconf datestamps.
v0.19.3. Add exception_retry_limit and exceptions_to_retry.
v0.19.2. Regenerate SWIG with better configuration options for Linux.
v0.19.1. Return true in Memcached::Rails#write.
v0.19. Support dynamic setting of the namespace (mhat). Support SASL (seanlynch).
v0.18. Make Memcached::Rails compatible with Rails 2.3.2 (Ian Fung).
v0.17.7. Disable dependency tracking.
v0.17.6. Again.
v0.17.5. Fuss with archflags.
v0.17.4. Don't segfault on invalid keys in get_multi.
v0.17.3. Compile with -Os. Retry once on Memcached::ClientError.
v0.17.2. Fix realloc bug on Linux that got regressed.
v0.17.1. Ruby 1.9 compatibility.
v0.17. Update to libmemcached 0.32. Update Darwin version string for Snow Leopard final. Improve benchmarks. Add Memcached::Rails#append and #prepend, alias all original Memcached methods to _orig, and add set_servers= accessor for compatibility.
v0.16.3. Optimize append/prepend on miss.
v0.16.2. Fix memory leak.
v0.16.1. Use seeded random. Fix realloc bug on Linux.
v0.16. Build properly on OS X Snow Leopard.
v0.15.3. UDP fix. 0-value fix. Enforce server_add response code. Better tests.
v0.15.2. Don't require memcached itself to build. Fix for AUTO_EJECT_HOSTS in random and modulus pools. Support binary protocol.
v0.15.1. Fix build problem.
v0.15. Update to libmemcached 0.31.1. UDP support. Domain socket support (hellvinz). Bugfixes. Bundle libmemcached itself with the gem (antifuchs).
v0.14.4. Re-SWIG.
v0.14.3. Change Rails#get_multi API.
v0.14.2. Update to libmemcached 0.26.2. Return errno description.
v0.14.1. Update to libmemcached 0.26.1. Various bugfixes. Expose memcached_generate_hash_rvalue.
v0.13. Update to libmemcached 0.25. Use new built-in failover. Document fixed timeouts.
v0.12. Update to libmemcached 0.24. Support weights and flags. Default to HASH_WITH_PREFIX behavior. Note, if you use ketama, upgrading will invalidate your entire cache.
v0.11. Update to libmemcached 0.22. Support hostname lookups. Register %freefunc for MemcachedSt and remove destroy() method. Use new built-in behavior for namespacing. Raise on version mismatch. Remove private hash function. Fix bug related to socket size behavior reset when struct is initialized with missing servers (Jeffrey Hardy). Note, if you use a namespace, upgrading will invalidate your entire cache.
v0.10. Update to libmemcached 0.20. Failover support. Close consistent hashing bugs.
v0.9. Update to libmemcached 0.19. Add some failover tests, but we are still waiting on libmemcached's replication branch for them to actually be useful. Fix CAS bug (ktheory).
v0.8.1. Disable NotFound backtraces for speed (Blaine Cook).
v0.8. CAS support. Update to libmemcached 0.16.
v0.7.2. Auto-repair unprintable characters and too-long keys; improve performance of namespacing operation.
v0.7.1. Allow for explicit resetting of the struct on each request, at least until Brian fixes the synchronization problem.
v0.7. Rails compatibility wrapper; real multiget; rescue UnknownReadFailures in order to reset the struct..
v0.6. Better documentation; benchmark suite; improve buffered IO API; remove namespace accessor in favor of generic options hash; patch up extconf.rb to handle unusual library situations; increase test coverage.
v0.5. First release.