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An iOS news app that shows you the top three most pressing stories today along with similar articles for further reading.
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Keep up with the news everyday


QuickNews is a simple-to-use news app that presents you with three, select articles every eight hours for you to keep up with the latest news everyday. Each news article has an image, source, title, url, and description, and can be clicked on to read the full article. If a story interests you, every article is grouped with 1-5 other articles that have similar keywords in them, meaning you can find further reading at a swipe away.

News articles are compared using cosine similarity and grouped together using k-means clustering. Tf-idf values are used to determine keywords in each document.

Here are some of QuickNews' features:

  • View articles from a variety of different news sources
  • Every article is paired with 1-5 others with similar keywords
  • Three topics and a maximum of eighteen total articles per refresh allows for a quick read of the day's most important stories

QuickNews is powered by NewsAPI.

Link to app store:

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