Summarizes energy and power production from an Enphase PV Solar System.
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Collects 5 minute power production data from a solar PV system using Enphase microinverters. Summarizes the energy and power production data from that system in a series of plots.

The results of the script can be seen on the Analysis North Solar Data page.

See the doc string in the script for more information on configuration of the script.

As well as adding 5 minute power production records to the records.csv file created by the script, this script creates a number of summary plots and saves them into the images subdirectory beneath the directory where the script is located.

The file is a Markdown file that describes and displays the plots created by this script. It is formatted to be used with the Pelican static web site generation system. It assumes that the plot images created by this script are present in an images directory located beneath the Pelican web page.