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chrome2keepass will take a Chrome password database and convert it to proper
XML format which can be imported into Keepass 

If you're like me, then you sometimes want to access sites from a remote
computer, but have a massive amount of different passwords that are
site-specific.  By combining Keepass with Dropbox, I have found the best
method (for me) to access my web passwords remotely.

The standard output is meant to be redirected to a file that you can import
into Keepass.

The following gems are required:
 * sqlite3-ruby
 * cgi
 * optparse
 * ostruct
 * builder

Usage: chrome2keepass [options]

    -p, --profile [PROFILE]          Name of Chrome Profile
                                     Default: 'Default'
    -l, --location [LOCATION]        Location to chrome config
                                     Default: '$HOME/.config/chromium'
    -e, --exact [LOCATION]           Exact path to Chrome password database
                                     Typically used with backup copy
    -f, --filename [FILENAME]        Filename to use instead of STDOUT
    -h, --help                       Show this help

WARNING: This will dump your passwords to your screen, plaintext if you don't
use the -f option.  Don't run this when there are prying eyes around. If there
are others around, dump it to a file using -f.

Copyright (C) 2011 Alan P. Laudicina <>


Ruby script to convert a chrome sqlite3 password database to Keepass' XML importation format




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