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viral-landing-page is a web application to deploy a viral landing page, commonly
used by web startups. It's licensed under the BSD license (see the LICENSE file),
making it easily modifiable by anybody who wishes to extend the functionality.

When a user submits their e-mail address, it will immediately be recorded to the
local database. The user will then be shown "sharing" icons from Facebook and
Twitter. Each successful click or referral will be recorded to the database for
that user. This makes it easier for you to allow earlier access to people who are
driving traffic to your site.


You will want to change the application helpers, which are configurable to show
the name of the site and the associated twitter ID. You can edit this information

    * app/helpers/application_helper.rb

Once you have changed the site name and twitter ID, you will want to install
all of the required gems. This can be done by running:

    $ bundle install

I also recommend changing the default database, as it is configured to use
sqlite3 out of the box. A real database system (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.) is
recommended. As with any other Ruby on Rails application, you can modify the DB
connector here:

    * config/database.yml

Please note that I did not include Gems for other databases, you will have to
add them to Gemfile in the root of the application.

Also of note is that this application has routes for both '/' as well as
'/invites', which means that it will work on both. If this is not your planned
implementation, you can edit the routes here:

    * config/routes.rb


None is required, but if you want to be nice you can go ahead and let me know
you are using this. You can contact me via the following methods:

    * Blog:
    * Twitter:
    * Email:

Copyright (C) 2011 Alan P. Laudicina <>


A viral landing page for startups to use




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