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Why different results under mac and linux #23

lujiajing1126 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I run the following lines in the MacOSX 10.8/node 0.10.26/markdown-pdf2.2/phantomjs1.9.7 and Ubuntu 12.04 server/node 0.10.26/markdown-pdf2.2/phantomjs1.9.7

markdownpdf = require("markdown-pdf");

markdownpdf().from.string("some words here").to("/www/sach/Download/1.pdf",function(){

And i got different files

Under MacOSX, the pdf cannot be selected and i thought it was images render by phantomjs

But under ubuntu, i got pdf with words that could be selected and then the chinese word cannot be displayed normally no matter i use utf-8 or gb2312 charset in hb5 template...

SO How could i got pdf (with images) under ubuntu...???


I don't think this is something markdown-pdf can fix for you - see ariya/phantomjs#10373

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