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= Native Client port of Ruby
= How to build
== Prerequisites
You need to install the following things before building NaCl port of Ruby.
* Ruby 1.9.3 or later
* Python 2.6 or later
* NativeClient SDK pepper 22 or later
* GNU make
== Steps
(1) Extract all files from the tarball:
$ tar xzf ruby-X.Y.Z.tar.gz
(2) Set NACL_SDK_ROOT environment vairanble to the path to the Native Client SDK you installed:
$ export NACL_SDK_ROOT=/home/yugui/src/nacl_sdk/pepper_16
(3) Configure
$ ./configure --prefix=/tmp/nacl-ruby --host=x86_64-nacl --with-baseruby=/path/to/ruby-1.9.3
(4) Make
$ make
$ make package
Now you have ruby.nexe. You can run it by sel_ldr in NaCl SDK.
"make package" installs "pepper-ruby.nexe", an example Pepper application that
embeds Ruby", and libraries to $prefix. You can run it by the following steps:
(5) Publish the $prefix directory on a web server
(6) Visit the example.html on the web server by a browser that implements Pepper 18 or later.
-- e.g., Chrome 18 implements Pepper 18, Chrome 19 implements Pepper 19, ...
= Copyright
* Copyright 2012 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Author: (Yugui Sonoda)