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Personalized Image Aesthetics


The FLICKR-AES and REAL-CUR are available at google drive

The FLICKR-AES_image_labeled_by_each_worker.csv saves the images labeled by each worker. FLICKR-AES_image_score.txt saves the weighted average score for each image.

All the images are under Creative Commons license. The datasets are for research purpose only.


The structure of the generic model is provided.

RUN Generic Aesthetics Model

python --filename /path/to/imageList.txt

If you find our work useful, please cite our paper:

  author = {Ren, Jian and Shen, Xiaohui and Lin, Zhe and Mech, Radomir and Foran, David J.},
  title = {Personalized Image Aesthetics},
  booktitle = {The IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)},
  month = {Oct},
  year = {2017}
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