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Alan's InMoov ROS Introduction

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This is very much a work in progress. I'll periodically push updates based on things that I've done, but there's no guarantee that everything works.

###What Is It? This is a ROS software stack that connects a dedicated PC to an InMoov robot.
It currently implements the following:

  • a fully articulated URDF model of InMoov
  • inmoov firmware that integrates rossserial_arduino for communication
  • inmoov_msgs that define communication between host pc and arduino
  • trainer module to set arduino eeprom values and calibrate each servo

###What You Need To Get Started

This works with a specific technology stack. It can be run natively on a PC, or in VMWare Player. Everything is tied to compatibility with MoveIt!.

MoveIt! is currently available for ROS Indigo, and Indigo is tied to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, so everything fits together from there.

As soon as they release MoveIt! packages for ROS Kinetic, the stack will be updated to Ubuntu 16.04 + ROS Kinetic + MoveIt!

####What you'll need:

###How to Install It: Copy these packages into your {inmoov_ros}/src folder Run the following commands from the root of your {inmoov_ros} folder:

catkin_make              #build/rebuild all projects
source devel/setup.bash  #let ROS know about all of your new packages

###How to use it: Run the following commands:

rosrun inmoov_tools        #loads parameters into server
roslaunch inmoov_tools servobus.launch       #launches arduino interfaces
roslaunch inmoov_description display.launch  #launches rviz
rosrun inmoov_tools               #launches trainer module

###Next Steps (todo list)

  • urdf: fix right shoulder out rotation
  • urdf: fix right wrist rotation
  • trainer: move all arduino communication to service calls
  • trainer: only publish joint commands to joint_command topic
  • node: write node that sends joint commands to arduino through service calls
  • pose: migrate pose module to pyqt4
  • headdemo: migrate headdemo module to pyqt4