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Resume of H. Alan Stevens

This repository is the source for

This document is based on the Ceevee template, with parts of Articulate & 1cv templates.

Any code derived from those sources is licensed under their original license. My enhancements alone are licensed under Creative Commons.

Thanks to Bob Yexley for showing me how to build my html from a json data file using handlebars.


  • I may have outgrown npm scripts

  • resume is fully HTTPS ready (but not enforced),

  • main site needs google font links corrected for https://, then could enforce there as well.

  • back buttons breaks on the main site - probably want to use replaceState there to avoid the issue

  • Collapse part of the long about section

  • Add links to written, spoken & video resources to about

  • cap print history at ten years

  • map doesn't render on iOS

  • maps marker doesn't render on iOS

  • Twitter, Tumblr & LinkedIn glyphs don't render on iOS

  • remove controls from map

  • fix serif font in landing in IE

  • request endorsements

  • make menu render with an opaque background on refresh

  • make menu highlight change quicker when scrolling up

  • split css into partials

  • write honors

  • Add glyphs to section headers (print only?)

  • add a link to my speaker deck page

  • do a push state to update the hash in the url

  • decrease the quotes font size

  • add microdata to history

  • restore history past ten years

  • restore download link to graphical resume

  • add an explanation of skills scores

  • get jquery placeholder shim working for older versions of IE

  • Write up what I’m looking for.

  • write hobbies

  • add resume link to bottom of print version

  • write a readme

  • headshot doesn’t shrink in proportion

  • fix contact form on firefox

  • edit job descriptions

  • create a hidden element to host skills below 900px wide

  • Make skills responsive

  • Hide excess experience items

  • Move source to github and add link in footer

  • create a print version

  • finalize skills section

  • Move css to post-css and build it from npm

  • Make contact form functional

  • fix padding around education section

  • Set up npm tasks

  • Write the about me introduction

  • Write a better about me for the blog

  • Build html from json and templates

  • configure the skills

  • Write job descriptions

  • Write education

  • Add a link to each employer’s web site

  • Make html a template and build it from json

  • redirect to

  • lighten text on dark backgrounds, perhaps increase size

  • make work and education menu items arrive at the right place

  • fix columns and rows for skills

  • menu background dissapears

  • menu dissapears before scrolling to about

  • stop the testimonials from changing height

Creative Commons License
Resume of H. Alan Stevens by H. Alan Stevens is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at


Source project for my online resume at



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