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+nodeftpd - a simple FTP server written in Node.JS
+++ 04 September 2011
+Tested passive and non-passive data connections and found some issues, so I did some re-working.
+Some things that might be nice:
+* Figure out how it should be run, maybe as root first but execs to another user
+* Fork new process when client connects and authenticates
+++ Old Readme Follows ...
+28 March 2010
+Forked from
+Andrew Johnston -
+Andrew's initial release was tested about node.js 0.1.21
+In the few short months since that release, node.js has changed quite a bit
+to where it is now, at time of writing 0.1.33
+Changes made to nodeftp are as follows:
+1. POSIX module has now been moved to FS (0.1.29)
+2. File module has been removed (0.1.29)
+3. sys.exec callback system seems to have changed??
+ - as such quite a lot of moving about and rehacking had to take place:
+ - DEL
+ - STOR
+ - RETR
+ - RNTO
+4. tcp has changed function names and listeners
+5. Rewrote ftptest.js as well
+7. Changed ports to 7001/7002 so I can test without being root
+8. Finally. Reformatted for my Emacs and javascript-mode
+Also, not tested in Passive mode yet, but I think it works??
+One thing I had problems with was the root filesystem of the FTP server.
+Even though I was running the ftpd.js from /home/rob/workspace it changed
+it to "/". This meant that if I tried to get the SIZE of a file, eg:
+it tried to get the SIZE of
+I narrowed this down to the dummyfs.js functionality, but then
+if I changed the dummyfs root there was repeating of the path names
+- Fix the repeating file paths problem
+- Add in non-anonymous logins
+- Implement non-implemented functionality (see ftpd.js TODO list)
+- Add in proper error checking
+- Test in passive mode
+20 June 2010
+Updated for node v0.1.98

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