Creative mode WebGL voxel game. Runs in Chrome, with multiplayer functionality and very few dependencies
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Inspired by voxel-engine and voxel.js, this is a multiplayer sandbox (like Minecraft creative mode) implemented in WebGL with very few dependencies. Very much a work in progress.

Demo: (Google Chrome and Firefox 46+)

Project blog:

Preferred texture set:

Past textures provided by:

Player skins from:

Gameplay Features

  • Multiplayer, with maxogden, substack and viking skins
  • Block creation and destruction (batch operations via click-and-drag)
  • Jumping and flying
  • First-person, over-shoulder, third person camera views (these need some love, though)
  • Building materials and material picker dialog
  • Gamepad support (80% complete)
  • Adjustable draw distance (change it according to your GPU speed and memory)
  • World state is saved to files or mysql (install mysql npm module)

What I'm working on

  • Optimizations, always and forever
  • Point light sources and shadow mapping

Technical Features

  • Client and Server (ported bits from my voxel-client and voxel-server forks)
  • Simple physics engine for player movements
  • My own "horizonal merge" meshing algorithm
  • Sample world generators
  • Websocket connection for chat messages, player positions, world changes
  • Chunk data is fetched via AJAX and gzipped
  • Object pool to reduce memory allocations and garbage-collection pauses
  • voxel-highlight replacement
  • Uses hashlru for minimizing trips to the file-system or database for frequently requested chunks
  • Relatively flat architecture means it's easy to get a WebGL handle and the inverse camera matrix for drawing
  • All IO and chunk meshing is done in a web worker, which keeps the framerate very high
  • Directional lighting
  • Day and night cycle (still needs some love)

See it in action in the demo (Google Chrome or Firefox):

Or follow the installation instructions below to run it locally.


In terminal 1:

# git clone the repo into voxeling folder
cd /path/to/voxeling
# Download textures from (256x256 version)
# Extract to www/testbdcraft

# Generate combined texture file (cuts down on WebGL bindTexture calls)
# You'll need PHP with gd/imagemagick. Once I get node version working, you won't need PHP
cd scripts
# This generates www/textures.png and texture-offsets.js
php textures.php

npm install

# create folder for world chunks
mkdir -p chunks/your-world

# copy the default config and customize
cp config-example.js config.js
vim config.js

# generate web-worker JavaScript

# start server

In terminal 2:

cd /path/to/voxeling
# start the client

Now, point your browser to Read the introduction for controls and keybindings. Enjoy!




MIT License