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Memoirs Statiq Kontent Theme

This is a full featured theme for Kontent and Statiq using Kontent.Statiq. Check out the live demo.



  • Posts & Pages with
    • Quotes, Spoilers (blurring)
    • GitHub Gists
    • Code snippets with Prism.js
    • Related pages
    • Taxonomy : Tags and Categories
    • Ratings
    • Contact form using Formspree
    • Comments with Disqus
    • Table of contents generated from HTML
  • SEO support: open graph & twitter cards
  • Google Analytics
  • Search with pre-compiled Lunr index
  • Atom and RSS feeds
  • HTML minification with NUglify

Getting Started


Clone the codebase

  1. Click the "Use this template" button to create your own repository from this template.

Running locally

  • dotnet run -- preview
    • You can also emulate running the project in a virtual directory by appending --virtual-dir memoirs. See all preview options.
  • Go to http://localhost:5080/

🎊🎉 You are now ready to explore the code base!

By default, the content is loaded from a shared Kentico Kontent project. If you want to use your own clone of the project so that you can customize it and experiment with Kontent, continue to the next section.

Create a content source

  1. Go to and create an empty project

  2. Go to the "Project Settings", select API keys and copy the following keys for further reference

    • Project ID
    • Management API key
  3. Use the Template Manager UI for importing the content from file and API keys from previous step. Check Publish language variants after import option before import.

    Alternatively, you can use the Kontent Backup Manager and import data to the newly created project from file via command line:

     npm i -g @kentico/kontent-backup-manager
     kbm --action=restore --projectId=<Project ID> --apiKey=<Management API key> --zipFilename=content

    Go to your Kontent project and publish all the imported items.

  4. Map the codebase to the data source

    • adjust the DeliveryOptions:ProjectId key in appSettings.json

🚀 You are now ready to use the site with your own Kentico Kontent project as data source!

Production deployment to GitHub pages

  • Enable GitHub actions in your repo
  • Copy the .github/workflows/dotnet-core.yml to your project
  • Go to the repository secrets and set:
    • LinkRoot to the relative path of your project (e.g. /memoirs-theme) - this is to ensure that all links work properly when deployed to a subfolder
    • Host to the domain of your project (e.g. domain.tld) - this is to ensure that absolute links are generated where required


  • Open appsettings.json to tweak the site name etc.
  • Enable Google Tag Manager by setting the GoogleAnalytics setting
  • Update the DisqusId to hook up to your Disqus account
  • Make sure you update / adjust Prism syntax highlighter to your liking. Follow the link at the top of prism.js and adjust the settings as needed.


This theme was adopted from the Memoirs Jekyl theme by Wowthemes. Please buy them coffee! It uses additional images from Pexels.


Memoirs theme for Statiq and Kontent




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