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set fern_thr to 0.5

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1 parent 7e748dd commit 9fddc97c5e468574eb84b77d1dde3459edc82fc5 @alantrrs committed Dec 9, 2011
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2 parameters.yml
@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ Parameters:
valid: 0.5
num_trees: 10
num_features: 13
- thr_fern: 0.6
+ thr_fern: 0.5
thr_nn: 0.65
thr_nn_valid: 0.7
num_closest_init: 10

3 comments on commit 9fddc97


I like your work, it is so cool. I think the function "filterPts" don't need to
check "status" twice and the second check is wrong.
And I find the function TLD::getOverlappingBoxes is not efficient.the nth_element waste much time, and the waste is not necessary.
Best wish~


you really should submit this as a bug report instead of just a comment on a commit. go to


sorry. My English is poor, and I don't find the right place to express my advice.Thank you

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