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Octocat-spinner-32 proguard-project.txt Disable proguard for now
Octocat-spinner-32 Enable fullscreen immersive mode on 4.4
This is a port of CorsixTH ( to Android.

You will need either a copy of the original Theme Hospital game or a demo of Theme Hospital in order to use this port. The demo can be automatically downloaded from within the app.

HUGE thanks to everyone for their bug reports, feedback and suggestions. 

Everyone who's worked on the CorsixTH project deserves a mention here, but there's far too many. 
See and for a very superficial list.

Port: Alan Woolley
S Pen Support: István Nagy

Russian: Nekser, band87
Dutch: Jaco Weijts, Rprrr
Hungarian: hun_gery
Finnish: ramiselin, PatrikSelin
German: eraser2011
Danish: Lef1zh
Spanish: miguelkill
Polish: lordzik, abaranski12
French: neuripide, Alexis Mellone, Michel
Estonian: Stefan Joemagi

If you can help translate, please visit:


*	For now, you will require a phone with a screen resolution of at least 640x480.
*	Android 2.2 (Froyo) or greater.
*	At least 25MB free on your mobile device

How to install
1. 	Mount the phone/SD card on your computer.
2.	Create a directory called 'th' on the root of the SD Card (/sdcard/th).
3.	Copy your Theme Hospital Game files into here.
4.	Download and install the APK.
5.	Run

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