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# Cookbook:: multi-platform-ntp-one-recipe
# Recipe:: default
# Copyright:: 2017, The Authors, All Rights Reserved.
# Platform specific settings
case node['platform']
when 'redhat'
# Red Hat settings (ntpd)
service_name = 'ntpd'
service_action = [:start, :enable]
when 'aix'
# AIX settings
service_name = 'xntpd'
service_action = [:start]
# Install package if Red Hat
package 'ntp' do
only_if { node['platform'] == 'redhat' }
# NTP configuration file: same path on both if using ntpd on Red Hat
template '/etc/ntp.conf' do
owner 'root'
group node['root_group'] # may ohai keep us forever sane
mode '0644'
source 'ntp.conf.erb' # rely on source being in platform directory of templates
notifies :restart, "service[#{service_name}]"
# Setup service: different name and actions per platform here
# Red Hat is easy, we can just do :start, :enable
# AIX is a little more messy. We can do :start, but enable is handled via inittab
service service_name do
action service_action
# AIX ONLY: enable xntpd via inittab
execute 'add xntpd to inittab on aix' do
command 'mkitab ntpd:2:wait:/usr/bin/startsrc -x xntpd > /dev/null 2>&1'
not_if 'lsitab ntpd'