AMQP client library written in c++ using boost-asio
C++ Python C

libamqp-cpp - an Rabbitmq-compatible AMQP client library written in c++/boost-asio

This library was written as the librabbitmq-c doesn't cover my needs.

Desired features above and beyond what librabbitmq-c provides

  • A nice c++ interface
  • Ability to cleanly have more than one channel on a connection
  • Have more than one consumer.

Also gets me to learn a bit more about c++ and the boost family of libraries



  • A modern c++ compiler (msvc10, g++4.2 tested)
  • CMake v2.8 or better
  • Python 2.5 or better [Needed to generate the methods from the AMQP spec]
  • Boost 1.46.1 or better, may work with older versions, YMMV


Works like most other cmake-based compiles, cmake, run the platform-specific build