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Change Log

v0.10.0 - 2019-12-01


  • amqp_ssl_socket_get_context can be used to get the current OpenSSL CTX* associated with a connection.


  • openssl: missing OpenSSL config is ignored as an OpenSSL init error (#523)
  • AMQP_DEFAULT_MAX_CHANNELS is now set to 2047 to follow current default channel limit in the RabbitMQ broker. (#513)


  • add additional input validation to prevent integer overflow when parsing a frame header. This addresses CVE-2019-18609.

v0.9.0 - 2018-05-08


  • amqp-publish: added support for specifying headers via the -H flag
  • Add support for specifying timeout for amqp_login calls via amqp_set_handshake_timeout
  • Add support for specifying timeouts in RPC-style AMQP methods via amqp_set_rpc_timeout
  • Add define for AMQP_DEFAULT_VHOST
  • Support for SSL SNI
  • Support for OpenSSL v1.1.0


  • rabbitmq-c now requires Windows Vista or better
  • rabbitmq-c enables TCP keep-alive by default on platforms that support it
  • dropped support for compiling rabbitmq-c without threading support
  • OpenSSL is no longer un-intialized automatically by default. OpenSSL can be explicitly initialized by calling amqp_initialize_ssl_library and uninitialized by calling amqp_uninitialize_ssl_library.


  • Correct bugs in processing of --url flag in tools (#364).
  • Improve documentation on AMQP_SASL_METHOD_EXTERNAL (#349)
  • Improve support for compiling under mingw-w64
  • Better support for handing SIGPIPE on Linux over SSL (#401)
  • Improve publish performance on Linux by not specifying MSG_MORE on last part of message.
  • Fix connection logic where multiple hostnames won't be tried if connection to doesn't fail immediately (#430)


  • autotools build system has been removed
  • many duplicate amqps_* examples, they did not add a lot of value

v0.8.0 - 2016-04-09


  • SSL: peer certificate and hostname validation can now be controlled separately using amqp_ssl_socket_set_verify_peer and amqp_ssl_socket_set_verify_hostname.
  • SSL: the desire SSL version range can now be specified using the amqp_ssl_socket_set_ssl_versions function.
  • Add flags to SSL examples on controlling hostname verification.


  • SSL: SSLv2, and SSLv3 have been disabled by default.
  • SSL: OpenSSL hostname validation has been improved.
  • Win32 debug information is built with /Z7 on MSVC to embed debug info instead of using a .pdb


  • Connection failure results in hang on Win32 (#297, #346)
  • Rabbitmq-c may block when attempting to close an SSL socket (#313)
  • amqp_parse_url does not correctly initialize default parameters (#319)
  • x509 objects are leaked in verify_hostname (#323)
  • TCP_NOPUSH doesn't work under cygwin (#335)


  • SSL: amqp_ssl_socket_set_verify is being replaced by amqp_ssl_socket_set_verify_peer and amqp_ssl_socket_set_verify_hostname.


  • OpenVMS build system and related files.
  • Unmaintained PolarSSL, CyaSSL, and gnuTLS SSL backends

Changes since v0.7.0 (a.k.a., v0.7.1)

  • 41fa9df Autoconf: add missing files in build system
  • ef73c06 Win32: Use WSAEWOULDBLOCK instead of EWOULDBLOCK on Win32
  • ceca348 CI: use travis-ci container based builds
  • 393e2df Lib: if channel_max is 0 use server's channel_max
  • ff47574 Lib: fix build on OpenBSD
  • 8429496...0ac6430 CI: enable CI on Mac OS X in travis-ci

Changes since v0.6.0 (a.k.a., v0.7.0)

  • 3379812 Tools: Add support for heartbeats
  • d7029db CI: Add continuous integration on Win32 using Appveyor
  • a5f7ffb Tests: only link against static libraries
  • a16ad45...9cf7a3b Lib: add support for EXTERNAL SASL method
  • 038a9ed Lib: fix incorrect parameters to WSAPoll on Win32
  • a240c69...14ae307 Lib: use non-blocking sockets internally
  • 8d1d5cc, 5498dc6 Lib: simplify timer/timeout logic
  • 61fc4e1 Lib: add support for heartbeat checks in blocking send calls
  • f462c0f...3546a70 Lib: Fix warnings on Win32
  • ba9d8ba...112a54d Lib: Add support for RabbitMQ auth failure extension
  • fb8e318 Lib: allow calling functions to override client-properties
  • 3ef3f5f examples: replace usleep() with nanosleep()
  • 9027a94 Lib: add AMQP_VERSION code
  • 9ee1718 Lib: fix res maybe returned uninitialized in amqp_merge_capbilities
  • 22a36db Lib: Fix SSL_connection status check
  • abbefd4 Lib: Fix issues with c89 compatiblity
  • 2bc1f9b...816cbfc Lib: perf improvements when sending small messages by hinting to the OS message boundaries.
  • be2e6dd...784a0e9 Lib: add select()-based timeout implementation
  • 91db548...8d77b4c CI: add ubsan, asan, and tsan CI builds

Changes since v0.5.2 (a.k.a., v0.6.0)

  • e1746f9 Tools: Enable support for SSL in tools.
  • 9626dd5 Lib: ABI CHANGE: enable support for auto_delete, internal flags to amqp_exchange_declare
  • ee54e27, 656f833 Lib: check for double-close in SSL/TCP socket impl
  • cf2760d Lib: allocate struct when method has no field.
  • 513ad4a Lib: add support for SANs in OpenSSL socket impl.
  • 5348c69 Lib: add functions to get negotiated frame_max and heartbeat parms.

Changes since v0.5.1 (a.k.a., v0.5.2)

  • fcdf0f8 Autoconf: check for htonll as declaration in a header file
  • 5790ec7 SSL: correctly report hostname verification errors.
  • d60c28c Build: disable OpenSSL deprecation warnings on OSX
  • 072191a Lib: include platform, version and copyright in AMQP handshake
  • 8b448c6 Examples: print message body in amqp[s]_listen[q] examples
  • 7188e5d Tools: Add flag to set prefetch for amqp-consume tool

Changes since v0.5.0 (a.k.a., v0.5.1)


  • a566929 SSL: Add support for wildcards in hostname verification (Mike Steinert)
  • a78aa8a Lib: Use poll(2) instead of select(2) for timeouts on sockets.
  • 357bdb3 Lib: support for specifying frame and decoding pool sizes. (Mike Stitt)
  • 8956003 Lib: improve invalid frame detection code.

Bug fixes:

  • b852f84 Lib: Add missing amqp_get_server_properties() function.
  • 7001e82 Lib: Add missing ssize_t on Win32 (emazv72)
  • c2ce2cb Lib: Correctly specify WINVER on Win32 when unspecified.
  • fe844e4 CMake: specify -DHAVE_CONFIG_H in examples.
  • 932de5f Lib: correct time computation on Win32 (jestor)
  • 3e83192 HPUX: use gethrtime on HP-UX for timers.
  • cb1b44e HPUX: correct include location of sys/uio.h
  • 8ce585d Lib: incorrect OOM condition when 0-lenth exchange name is received.
  • c7716b8 CMake: correct htonll detection code on platforms defined with a macro.
  • 4dc4eda Lib: remove unused assignment.
  • 45302cf Lib: remove range-check of channel-ids.

Changes since v0.4.1 (a.k.a., v0.5.0):

Major changes:

  • Add amqp_get_broker_properties() function 5c7c40adc1
  • Remove distro-specific packaging a5749657ee
  • Add -x flag to amqp-consume utilty 1d9c5291ff
  • Add amqp_basic_nack() public API 9b168776fb
  • Add delivery mode constants to amqp.h 5f291ea772
  • Add support for connection.blocked/connection.unblocked methods ccbc24d270

Bug fixes:

  • f8c6cee749 Examples: Destroy amqp_envelope_t in consumer example
  • ac88db56d3 CMake: fix generation of librabbitmq.pc
  • d5b35afa40 CMake: fix missing POPT_INCLUDE_DIRS variable in tools/
  • 5ea6a0945a build: provide independent locations for x64 libs
  • fac34656c0 Doc: documentation fixes
  • 715901d675 Lib: Correct OpenSSL initialization under threaded conditions
  • ce64e57df8 Examples: Handle unexpected frames in amqp_consumer.c
  • bcda3e933d CMake: Use GnuInstallDirs to generate install dirs
  • 27245a4e15 Lib: correctly handle amqp_get_monotonic_timestamp on win32
  • 693662ef5b Tools: honor --persistent flag in publish utility
  • 01d9c3ca60 Doc: improve documentation in amqp_ssl_socket functions
  • 02d5c58ae4 autoconf: correct librabbitmq.pc generation
  • 1f4e0cc48b Doc: improve documentation in amqp_tcp_socket functions

Changes since v0.4.0:

Major changes:

  • Removed distro-specific packaging d285d01

Bug fixes:

  • a642602 FIX: destroy amqp_envelop_t object in consumer example
  • 860dd71 FIX: correct generation of librabbitmq.pc under CMake
  • bdda7ab FIX: amqp_socket_close() should not be exported from shlib
  • 24f4131 FIX: Use correct buf/len vars when re-starting send()

Changes since v0.3.0:

New Features/Enhancements:

  • amqp_login_with_properties() function to connect to a broker sending a properties table to the broker 21b124e #101
  • SSL support (Mike Steinert) 473c865 #17
  • amqp_simple_wait_frame_noblock() function variant to wait for a frame with a timeout f8cfc72 #119
  • Allow memory to be released on a per-channel basis with amqp_maybe_release_buffers_on_channel() 4a2d899 #5
  • Support for AMQP heartbeats while blocking in amqp_simple_wait_frame*() and amqp_basic_publish() daa0e66 aca5dc1
  • amqp_socket_open_noblock() for a non-blocking socket connection (Bogdan Padalko) 6ad770d
  • amqp_table_clone() to do a deep-copy of an amqp_table_t 08af83a
  • Add option to listen to multiple keys in amqp_consume tool (Brian Hammond) e6c256d
  • Add contributed OpenVMS build system 448ab68
  • Higher level APIs for consuming messages 33ebeed #8
  • Doxygen-based API documentation.
  • Many improvements to error-handling and reporting

Bug Fixes:

  • 24ffaf8 FIX: autotools was broken when dependency-tracking was disabled
  • 38e741b FIX: CMake XmlTo not found warning
  • 906f04f FIX: htonll redeclared on Win32 v8
  • 8e41603 FIX: SIGPIPE not disabled on OS X/BSD #102
  • 872ea49 FIX: Header issues with amqp.h on Mingw on Win32 (yoniyoni)
  • 0f1f75b FIX: potential memory leak in amqp_new_connection
  • c9f6312 FIX: missing va_end in amqp_login()/amqp_login_with_properties()
  • 7bb64e4 FIX: include amqp_tcp_socket.h in dpkg (Tim Stewart)
  • ba9d1f5 FIX: Report out of buffer space in amqp_table_encode()
  • 9496e10 FIX: Remove abort() on invalid parameter in amqp_send_frame()
  • f209420 FIX: Remote abort() in amqp_simple_wait_method()
  • f027518 FIX: Return error on socket lib init error
  • 0ae534a FIX: Correctly handle 0 return val from SSL_read()/SSL_write()
  • 22e41b8 FIX: Improve error handling in socket functions
  • 33c2353 FIX: Set state->socket to NULL after amqp_socket_close()
  • c83e728 FIX: Incorrect error code returned
  • 1a19879 FIX: redecl of int i in amqp_tcp_socket_writev()
  • 7477449 FIX: incorrect bit-shift in amqp_error_string2()
  • 2e37bb3 FIX: correctly handle amqp_get_sockfd() in amqp_simple_wait_frame()
  • 52a459b FIX: Don't delete state in amqp_tune_connection() on error
  • 01e38dd FIX: Correctly handle mach_timebase_info() failure
  • 34bffb7 FIX: Correctly disable SIGPIPE on platforms with SO_NOSIGPIPE
  • 3866433 FIX: Use correct number of bits in timer precision on MacOSX
  • b6a1dfe FIX: Squash OpenSSL deprecated warnings on MacOSX (Bogdan Padalko)
  • 7a217d5 FIX: Incorrect assert() in wait_frame_inner()
  • 7942af3 FIX: Correctly handle 0-length table in amqp_table_clone()
  • 157788e FIX: Correctly handle 0-length strings in amqp_basic_properties_clone()
  • 4eaf771 FIX: Correctly handle 0-length message body in amqp_read_message()
  • 59f943b FIX: Double-free SSL on connection failure
  • 7a451a4 FIX: amqp_open_socket() not defined
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