@alanxz alanxz released this May 8, 2018 · 6 commits to master since this release

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  • amqp-publish: added support for specifying headers via the -H flag
  • Add support for specifying timeout for amqp_login calls via
  • Add support for specifying timeouts in RPC-style AMQP methods via
  • Add define for AMQP_DEFAULT_VHOST
  • Support for SSL SNI
  • Support for OpenSSL v1.1.0


  • rabbitmq-c now requires Windows Vista or better
  • rabbitmq-c enables TCP keep-alive by default on platforms that support it
  • dropped support for compiling rabbitmq-c without threading support
  • OpenSSL is no longer un-intialized automatically by default. OpenSSL can be
    explicitly initialized by calling amqp_initialize_ssl_library and
    uninitialized by calling amqp_uninitialize_ssl_library.


  • Correct bugs in processing of --url flag in tools (#364).
  • Improve documentation on AMQP_SASL_METHOD_EXTERNAL (#349)
  • Improve support for compiling under mingw-w64
  • Better support for handing SIGPIPE on Linux over SSL (#401)
  • Improve publish performance on Linux by not specifying MSG_MORE on last part
    of message.
  • Fix connection logic where multiple hostnames won't be tried if connection to
    doesn't fail immediately (#430)


  • autotools build system has been removed
  • many duplicate amqps_* examples, they did not add a lot of value