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export HIE_SERVER_PATH=`which hie`
export HIE_WRAPPER_PATH=`which hie-wrapper`
if [ ! "X" = "X$HIE_WRAPPER_PATH" ]; then
hie-wrapper $@
elif [ "X" = "X$HIE_SERVER_PATH" ]; then
echo "Content-Length: 100\r\n\r"
echo '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"error":{"code":-32099,"message":"Cannot find hie.exe in the path"}}'
exit 1
# Run directly
hie $@
# Run with a log
# hie --lsp -d -l /tmp/hie.log $@
# hie --lsp -d -l /tmp/hie.log --ekg $@
# hie --lsp -d -l /tmp/hie.log --vomit $@
# Run with a log and a direct dump of the server output
#hie --lsp -d -l /tmp/hie.log | tee /tmp/hie-wire.log
# Run the 'lsp-hello' server instead
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