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Molecule IDE

Molecule is a package that transforms Atom into a full-blown Integrated Development Environment (or IDE).

Learn more on our website or read our documentation to get started!

Hello there, xkcd readers!


While keeping Atom's intuitive, customizable approach, Molecule adds the expected features of an IDE to Atom:

  • In-editor compilation
  • Code analysis
  • Error diagnostics

The key advantage of Molecule over monolithic IDEs is its potential for adaptation: where most IDEs are only valid for a few programming langages or environments, developers can easily add plug-ins to Molecule (as Atom packages). Users are able to download the plug-ins to adapt to new langages, without having to change their IDE, habits, settings, keybindings, etc.

Warning: Molecule is still in a beta stage. The current state still has bugs and UI problems, and features are still being implemented. We are working hard on this project, and we welcome all the feedback you can give us!


  • Install Atom version 1.17.0 or higher

  • Install Watchman

  • (MacOS only) Install XCode Command Line Tools (run xcode-select --install in the terminal) or XCode

  • Install Molecule

    Molecule is available on apm (the official tool for downloading Atom packages). Run apm install molecule, or install Molecule from your package browser (ctrl-shift-p Install Packages And Themes).

Your screen shoud look roughly like this

Molecule should then be installed the next time you start Atom.



We are open to any kind of feedback you could give us. From bug fixes to recommandations and feature requests, we would love to hear what you think of Molecule.

Create a GitHub issue to communicate with the Molecule team.

We love discussing with our users!

Make a plugin

Consult the Plugin API for details.

Help develop Molecule

In order to contribute to Molecule, you need to clone the latest version of this repository and install it in development mode, using the apm command line.

git clone
cd atom-molecule-dev-environment
npm install
apm link -d
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