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Calculate your Nosedive rating based on your Facebook profile - Inspired by Black Mirror S03E01
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Nosedive - Inspired by Black Mirror S03E01

The website Nosedive is a parody of Black Mirror S03E01 Nosedive. It calculates a Nosedive rating based on your history on Facebook.

How Does It Work?

It grabs a user's posts and reactions thereof to calculate his/her rating. The Nosedive rating consists of two parts:

  1. The base score: the popularity of the user. Since the "reaction" on Facebook is neutral, there is no way to get an inference of a numerical rate merely from the "reactions" from a post. Therefore, it uses popularity as an approximation of the "rating" concept in the show.
  2. The bonus score: high-rate-user effect. In the show, the higher the rating of your friend is, the more powerful he/she is. It would be cumbersome to recursively calculate a complete Nosedive rating. In the implementation, it takes the base score as the weight of a user.

See the implementation in


You can check to see attributes it stores in the database.

If you have any concern, there is a way to remove your data: simply call /remove/your_id with a valid access token and your data will be removed from the database.


The main front-end is taken from Ahmed Tarek (

The odometer is taken from Benjamin (

Everything else is licensed under GPLv3 License unless stated elsewhere.

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