Grunt plugin for running TYPO3 UnitTests with the phpunit-extension.
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Grunt plugin to run PHPUnit inside of TYPO3 CMS.

This plugin is developed for Grunt 0.4.0 and is not tested for backward compatibility with Grunt 0.3.x.

Getting Started

  1. Install this grunt plugin with the follwing command:
npm install grunt-typo3-phpunit --save-dev
  1. Install phpunit in your TYPO3 installation:
cd $TYPO3_SRC && composer install
  1. Add this to your project's Gruntfile.js:

TYPO3 PHPUnit task

Run this task with the grunt typo3-phpunit command.

This task is a multi task so any targets, files and options should be specified according to the multi task documentation.

Usage Example

'typo3-phpunit: {
  application: {
	  target: 'typo3conf/ext/news'
	options: {
	  dd: {
		  'log-junit': '/tmp/result.xml'

Target Properties


Type: String

The full path to the Extension to test.



Type: String Default: ''

Any prefix to the command, e.g. environment-variables.


Type: String Default: 'typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh'

The path to the TYPO3 CLI Dispatcher.


Type: String Default: null

Change the working directory when executing the command. Use this if your Gruntfile is not in your TYPO3 root.


Type: String Default: phpunit

Only change this if you use a fork of phpunit or similar.


Type: Object Default: { "c": "typo3/sysext/core/Build/UnitTests.xml" }

Configure single-dash commandline-arguments such as -v by adding key-value pairs: 'v':''.


Type: Object Default: {}

Configure double-dash commandline-arguments such as --log-junit by adding key-value pairs: 'log-junit':'<file>'


Type: Number Default: 99

If PHPUnit doesn't find tests in an extension, it fails but with exit code 99 instead of 1, so you can ignore those errors for your CI-environment.


Type: Number Default: 200*1024

Override the maxBuffer-Size of nodejs's exec() function if you expect a long output on stdout.