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Perk Framework

Perk is a well documented set of tools for building node web applications.

The goal of Perk is first and foremost to provide a well documented set of tools for building node web applications. Perk also aims to get you up and running quickly, while still providing you the flexibility to build production ready node apps. With these goals in mind, Perk is built on top of a series of robust, well supported libraries that have stood the test of time: Passport, Express, Redis, and Knex. These libraries are not hidden from view. You're 100% in control to swap one out here or there if you find a better tool for the job.

Getting started with Perk on OS X

Get started

Perk is glue that holds together a collection of powerful and full featured libraries that are written by some awesome developers. This guide will help you get started on OS X.

Have questions? Join our Slack team!

Fill out this form to get access to our slack team and we'll shoot you an invite ASAP.

API Documentation

Go to API Docs

Perk API documentation is designed to be a reference for you as you build your Perk app. API documentation provides structured information on the full set of features that Perk provides as well as resources on where to find more information, where applicable. If you're looking for more step-by-step guides pleas check out the Guides section of this website.


Go to Guides

Perk guides are designed to be step by step instructions for how to accomplish a specific task. They are good if you are doing something for the first time. If you're looking for quick reference material instead you might prefer the API Documentation

Quickly deploy to Heroku

Deploy to Heroku

Contributing to Perk

If you're interested in contributing to Perk we would love your help. You can read our contributors guide for tips on how to get started.


A well documented set of tools for building node web applications.




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