Experimental Passwordless Login even without sending emails/sms to users
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Mailux is a microservice designed to recieve mails on temporarily inboxes so the user can send emails from his mail to the temp-email we generated before, so you as a developer can login him without password!


  • You request the /mailbox/generate/<email@address.here>.
  • The user send an email to the mailbox generated by the above step.
  • You hit the /mailbox/info/<mailboxID> each X of time (from the browser).
  • if the above step returned that it has been received, just send a request to the backend to hit the above endpoint again just as a confirmation, after that you respond to the browser with a token/session.


  • go get github.com/alash3al/mailux
  • or wget -O mailux https://raw.githubusercontent.com/alash3al/mailux/master/download.sh
  • or by downloading the binary from here


# have fun with this!
$ mailux --help


Mohamed Al Ashaal