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Turn forms into nested Javascript objects
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Objectify converts forms to complex objects using the [PHP/Ruby name-attribute convention][so]. The reason for this is to decouple the value of a form serialization from its presentation to a user. Getting data from your forms should not be tightly-coupled to your markup.

For more information about this parameter format, see [][params]. [so]: [params]:

Objectify requires jQuery, although it is not a jQuery plugin per se.

The Objectify Parameter Convention

Objectify uses the HTTP parameter convention popularized by PHP & Ruby:

Nested objects are written inside square-brackets: [ ]

<!-- an input named like this -->
<input type="text" name="person[email]" value="" />
// would be converted to this
  person: {
    email: ""

Objects can be nested to arbitrary depth:

<input type="text" name="person[phone_numbers][0][extension]" value="214" />
  person: {
    phone_numbers: {
      "0": {
        extension: "214"

Form fields that need to be combined into an array end in '[]'

<input type="text" name="person[phone_numbers][]" value="555-2178" />
<input type="text" name="person[phone_numbers][]" value="555-8634" />
  person: {
    phone_numbers: ['555-2178', '555-8634']

Converting a form

Given a form with the id 'person', you simply pass it into Objectify.convert() in one of two ways:

var person1 = Objectify.convert('#person'),      // jQuery selector string
    person2 = Objectify.convert( $('#person') ), // jQuery instance works too
    person3 = $('#person').objectify();          // jQuery prototype method

That's it!

Useful helper methods


Objectify.pack('user', 'address', 'street_address') //=> 'user[address][street_address]'
Objectify.pack('user', 'phone_numbers', []) //=> 'user[phone_numbers][]'


Objectify.unpack('user[address][street_address]') //=> ['user', 'address', 'street_address']


Objectify.normalize({ 'person[address][street_address]': '123 Nowhere st.' })
//  person: {
//    address: {
//      street_address: '123 Nowhere st.'
//    }
//  }


Objectify.denormalize({ foo: { bar: 'baz' } }) //=> { 'foo[bar]': 'baz' }


var obj = Objectify.convert('#user_form');
Objectify.walk(obj, 'user', 'address', 'street_address') //=> '123 Nowhere st.'

jQuery plugin

With no arguments, behaves like convert. With arguments, behaves like walk.

$('#user_form').objectify() //=> { user: { address: { street_address: '123 Nowhere st.' } } }
$('#user_form').objectify('user', 'address', 'street_address') //=> '123 Nowhere st.'

API status

The Objectify API has been stable for some time now, and I have been using it in production successfully. I don't foresee any major changes.

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