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POC ElasticSearch/Kibana v5.3

Description :

This is the configuration to POC ES/Kibana behing a proxy on a same machine.

Explain reverse proxy configuration :

Nginx in reverse proxy to :
/kibana => localhost:5601
/clusteres => first node ES and node 2 and 3 to backup
/cerebro => optional, is to the fun

Configuration stack :

  • global
    • create a folder "poces"
    • go to this folder
    • SELinux in permissive to he POC
    • Modify FW rules or disable it
  • ElasticSearch
    • download ElasticSearch archive
    • extract archive
    • rename the folder to es-node01
    • copy entire folder es-node01 to es-node02 and es-node03
    • modify each elasticsearch.yml with setup provided
    • open a terminal on each es-node root folder (or tmux/tmuxinator)
      • modify JVM meory : export ES_JAVA_OPTS="-Xms512m -Xmx512m"
      • launch elasticsearch binary : ./bin/elasticsearch
  • Kibana
    • download Kibana archive
    • extract archive
    • go to kibana folder
    • modify each kibana.yml with setup provided
    • on the kibana root folder, launch kibana binary : ./bin/kibana
  • Nginx
    • modify the default.conf or other with setup provided (adapt your @IP in the configuration)
    • start/restart nginx
  • Check
    • Open your browser to URL : http://@IP_SERVER/kibana
    • Play with your POC

Version :

CentOS 7 (4 cores & 8Go RAM) Nginx : 1.10.3
ElasticSearch : 5.3
Kibana : 5.3