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* allow the 'work-level-rels' include for recording lookups (Shen-Ta Hsieh, #213)
* added support for 'target-credit' elements (Itay Brandes, #162 & #217)
0.6 (2016-04-11):
* don't require authentication when getting public collections (#87)
* allow submit_ratings() and submit_tags() to submit for all supported entities (Ian McEwen, #145)
* allow 'tags' and 'user-tags' includes on releases (Jérémie Detrey, #150)
* set the parser when the webservice format is changed
* read the error message from musicbrainz and return it in
a raised exception
* send authenticaion headers when required (Ryan Helinski, #153)
* added get_series_by_id(), search_areas(), search_series() (Ian McEwen, #148)
* updated options for get_releases_by_discid() to support 'media-format'
and discid-less requests (Ian McEwen, #148)
* parse work attributes (Wieland Hoffmann, #151)
* added various methods to retrieve data from the Cover Art Archive (Alastair Porter & Wieland Hoffmann, #115)
* added support for pregap tracks (Rui Gonçalves, #154 & #165)
* return 'offset-list' and 'offset-count' for get_releases_by_discid()
(Johannes Dewender, #169)
* added support for search and browse of events (Shadab Zafar, #168)
* added support for 'data-track-list' elements (Jérémie Detrey, #180)
* added support for get and search instruments
* added support to read all collection types (#175)
* added support for search and browse of places (#176)
* allow single strings to be used as includes for browse requests (#172)
* allow single strings to be used at tag submission (#172)
* added support for browse artist by work and work by artist
* added support for 'track-count' elements in 'medium-list's returned by search
* added support to read xml attributes in 'attribute-list' elements (#142)
0.5 (2014-02-06):
* added get_url_by_id() and browse_urls() (Ian McEwen, #117)
* added get_area_by_id() and get_place_by_id() (Ian McEwen, #119 + #132)
* added support for custom parsers with set_parser() (Ryan Helinski, #129)
* added support for different WS formats with set_format() (Johannes Dewender, #131)
* added support for URL MBIDs (Ian McEwen, #132)
* added support for link type UUIDs (Ian McEwen, #127 + #132)
* support fuzzy disc lookup by TOC (Johannes Dewender, #105)
* add -count element for browse and search requests (Johannes Dewender, #135)
* deprecated puid and echoprint support (Johannes Dewender, #106)
* updated valid includes and browse includes (Ian McEwen, #118)
* updated valid search fields and release group types (Ian McEwen, #132)
* browsing for get_releases_in_collection() (Johannes Dewender, #88 + #128)
* allow browsing releases by track_artist (Johannes Dewender, #107)
* fix list submission for isrcs (Johannes Dewender, #113)
* fix debug logging and many unparsed entities (Johannes Dewender, #134)
* don't install tests with (Johannes Dewender, #112)
* add ISC license ( to COPYING (Wieland Hoffmann, #111 and #110)
* parse the video element of recordings (Wieland Hoffmann, #136)
* parse track ids (Wieland Hoffmann)
* fixed undefined name in submit_barcodes (Simon Chopin, #109)
The github repository and RTD doc urls were renamed to python-musicbrainzngs
(formerly python-musicbrainz-ngs).
0.4 (2013-05-15):
Thanks to Johannes Dewender for all his work in this release!
* Improve documentation
* Fix get_recordings_by_puid/isrc
* Update search fields
* Parse CDStubs in release results
* Correct release_type/release_status checking
* Allow iso-8859-1 passwords
* Convert single isrcs to list when submitting
* Parse ISRC results
* Escape forward slashes in search queries (Adrian Sampson)
* Package documentation and examples in release (Alastair Porter)
0.3 (2013-03-11):
* Lots of bug fixes! also:
* Catch network errors when reading data (Adrian Sampson, #78)
* Get and search annotations (Wieland Hoffmann)
* Better alias support (Sam Doshi, #83, #86)
* Parse track artist-credit if present (Galen Hazelwood, #75)
* Show relevancy scores on search results (Alastair Porter, #37)
* Perform searches in lower case (Adrian Sampson, #36)
* Use AND instead of OR by default in searches (Johannes Dewender)
* Parse artist disambiguation field (Paul Bailey, #48)
* Send zero-length body requests correctly (Adrian Sampson)
* Fix bug in get methods when includes, release status, or release type
are included (Alastair Porter, reported by palli81)
* Support python 2 and python 3
* Update valid includes for some entity queries
* Add usage examples
0.2 (2012-03-06):
* ISRC submission support (Wieland Hoffmann)
* Various submission bug fixes (Wieland Hoffmann)
* Retry the query if the connection is reset (Adrian Sampson)
* Rename some methods to make the API more consistent (Alastair Porter)
* Use test methods from Python 2.6 (Alastair Porter)
0.1: Initial release
Contributions by Alastair Porter, Adrian Sampson, Michael Marineau,
Thomas Vander Stichele, Ian McEwen