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Updating README for binary release of v0.21

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@@ -25,9 +25,43 @@ If one or more of the projects contains an error, the progress bar will turn
+Download the latest version of the build progress zip file from
+ In the zip file is a
+folder called BuildProgress. Simply copy this folder to
+My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\AddIns.
+Be sure to unblock the binary files on Windows Vista and 7 by right-clicking the
+file and choosing Properties, then clicking the Unblock button at the bottom of
+the General tab. Screenshots and an explanation of why this is required are
+available from
+2.1 Installation to a UNC Share
+If your My Documents folder is mapped to a network share (e.g., in some
+corporate environments), you will need to complete a one-time extra step to
+relax the security restrictions on the AddIns directory. Run the Visual Studio
+2010 Command Prompt as an Administrator and enter the following command,
+substituting servername, sharename and username for appropriate values for your
+environment. Note that username may need to be a folder hierarchy fragment, and
+not just a username.
+ > caspol -m -ag LocalIntranet_Zone -url
+ "\\servername\sharename\username\Visual Studio 2010\Addins\*" FullTrust -n
+ "Visual Studio 2010 Add-ins" -d "Visual Studio 2010 Add-ins"
+If you would prefer to build the add-in yourself, you'll need to follow these
1. Check out the source from GitHub, or use the download link on the
repository page.
2. Download the Windows API Codepack from
@@ -51,7 +85,7 @@ red.
c. Restart Visual Studio 2010.
The overlay icons are taken from the free Silk icon set from

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