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Welcome to AlastriaID

AlastriaID is the Digital Identity project of the Identity Commission of Alastria. Our proposal for Digital Identity in Blockchain aims to provide an infrastructure and development framework, to carry out Sovereign Digital Identity projects, with full legal validity in the euro zone, following these premises:

We work with the Alastria Standards Commission, which actively participates in all international standardization bodies (CEN-CENELEC, ETSI ISG PDL, ITU) to complete processes of standardization of the association's processes and methodologies.

Alastria ID model

To understand Alastria Id model and proposal we recommend to read at least the main presentation: Alastria_Id_2019_06_11_EN.pdf, the most current Alastria Id proposal overview and this technical presentation.

To get into the model details, we suggest to read Alastria ID flows defining Alastria ID related actions, before going deep in all the information, code, test, etc. available on the GitHub. You can also find the specification of the objects and artifacts Both technical schemas are published in and

Alastria DID Method Specification

The Alastria DID Method Specification document describes the Alastria DID Scheme and the Alastria DID Document. It also includes the format for Alastria Attestations and Claim Presentations in the current Alastria T network, based on GoQuorum.

Alastria DID Method Specification

GitHub Repositories

The Alastria Identity project has different a layer architecture. The code is divided in different repositories.

Alastria Identity Architecture

Repository URL What it is
alastria-wallet IONIC application for final users to manage identity and credentials
alastria-identity Smart Contracts in Solidity
alastria-identity-lib Typescript Library to easily interact with the alastria-identity smart contracts
alastria-identity-example Example of how to interact with the libraries from alastria-identity-lib
alastria-identity-entity Example of Entity in Alastria
alastria-JSON-objects Alastria Model Objects and Artifacts
alastriaID-truffle-contracts Alastria Smart Contracts

User Experience

To deepen in the customer journeys go to User Experience.

Dropbox with MP4 and screenshots

Figma with editable mocks

Core Identity Team

We are a SCRUM team. This is our story mapping and our tools. Story Mapping

Tool What URL
Github User Stories
Slack Real-Time Chat
Confluence Mettings
Tool (legacy) What URL
Trello Scrum Tasks (Login in required)
Miro Scrum Board
Miro Screens flows
Miro Story Mapping

AlastriaID - MPV2

AlastriaID MPV1 implementation ends in early 2020, MPV2 implementation has begun, which will feature upgradeable SmartContrats as a core part of the comprehensive solution. The deployment will be deployed out on the "T" network (GoQuorum implementation in Alastria, with more than 200 nodes), and in the "B" network (implementation of Hyperledger Besu in Alastria) and with an interoperability scheme on other networks DLT (as future "H" network of Hyperledger Fabric)

Some utils and standars:

Need Help?

Our identity core team will be happy to listen to you at slack #identidaddigital