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Base Docker image for Jenkins Agents
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Jenkins Agent Docker image

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This is a base image for Docker, which includes OpenJDK 8 and the Jenkins agent executable (slave.jar). This executable is an instance of the Jenkins Remoting library.


This image is used as the basis for the Docker JNLP Agent image. In that image, the container is launched externally and attaches to Jenkins.

This image may instead be used to launch an agent using the Launch method of Launch agent via execution of command on the master. Try for example

docker run -i --rm --name agent --init jenkins/slave java -jar /usr/share/jenkins/slave.jar

after setting Remote root directory to /home/jenkins/agent.

Agent Work Directories

Starting from Remoting 3.8 there is a support of Work directories, which provides logging by default and change the JAR Caching behavior.

Call example:

docker run -i --rm --name agent1 --init -v agent1-workdir:/home/jenkins/agent jenkins/slave java -jar /usr/share/jenkins/slave.jar -workDir /home/jenkins/agent


The image has several supported configurations, which can be accessed via the following tags:

  • latest: Latest version with the newest remoting (based on openjdk:8-jdk)
  • latest-jdk11: Latest version with the newest remoting and Java 11 (based on openjdk:11-jdk)
  • alpine: Small image based on Alpine Linux (based on openjdk:8-jdk-alpine)
  • 2.62: This version bundles Remoting 2.x, which is compatible with Jenkins servers running on Java 6 (1.609.4 and below)
  • 2.62-alpine: Small image with Remoting 2.x
  • 2.62-jdk11: Versioned image for Java 11

Java 11 Support

Java 11 support is available in a preview mode. Only Debian-based images are provided right now. (see JENKINS-54487). There is a probability that images for Java 11 will be changed to AdoptOpenJDK before the final release of Java 11 support in Jenkins.

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