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Angular wrapper for monaco-editor

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  • Angular 7+
  • monaco-editor: 1.5+




Add npm dependencies

yarn add monaco-editor ng-monaco-editor

Configure monaco-editor library assets

Currently this library only supports load monaco-editor with AMD mode. You have to make sure your Angular application could have access to the monaco-editor library assets via RequireJS.

If you are using Angular CLI to bootstrap your app, you could add the following:

"assets": [

    "glob": "**/*",
    "input": "node_modules/monaco-editor/min/vs",
    "output": "/lib/vs"

Load ng-monaco-editor module

Most of the time, you should configure the module at the root module.

  declarations: [AppComponent],
  imports: [
      // Angular CLI currently does not handle assets with hashes. We manage it by manually adding
      // version numbers to force library updates:
      baseUrl: 'lib',
      defaultOptions: DEFAULT_MONACO_OPTIONS,
  providers: [
      // Optional:
      // You could also override the default MonacoEditor provider.
      // If you plan to do so, I recommend you to read through the source code.
      provide: MonacoProviderService,
      useClass: CustomMonacoProviderService,
  bootstrap: [AppComponent],
export class AppModule {}

Usage example

Please refer to the storybook (stores/index.ts). This module provide three usages:

  1. ng-monaco-editor component
  2. ng-monaco-diff-editor component
  3. ngCodeColorize directive

Note, if the height of ng-monaco-editor/ng-monaco-diff-editor is too small, you may have to resize it yourself. This is a limitation and by design that how monaco-editor works.


MIT @Alauda

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