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Tornadoes in Canada from 1980 to 2009

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Canada Open Data - License


  • To look at the Government of Canada Dataset on Tornadoes from 1980 and 2009 and their impact on the Canadian population.
  • To attempt to better understand where tornadoes are more likely and when.
  • To attempt to understand the financial impact on Canadians of tornadoes.

Limitations of Dataset

  • The only data available from the Government of Canada covers the 1980 to 2009 period.
  • This only captures tornadoes that were recorded. It would not take into account tornadoes that hit non populated areas. Therefore I always qualify findings as 'tornadoes in populated communities'. No data can really be discerned on the amount of activity country wide.
  • As this is a learning exercise only, no attempt is being made to add extra data from other sources or the periods of 2010-2019. The goal is to see what this government provided dataset actually tells us.


  • Human/Animal Death/Injuries often show -999. This can either mean no deaths or unsure. I will assume 0 deaths
  • Damage to housing is an ambiguous column. Assumption made that 000 is 000(000) based on the amount of deaths and injuries
  • House Damage data often shows -999. This number either signifies no significant damage or unknown. I will assume 0 damage.

Interesting work happening today to study tornado activity in Canada

The data provided by the OpenData portal is seriously lacking. It appears a team of researchers have taken on the task to better understand tornado activity in Canada.

The following link from the Weather Network provides a brief synopsis of the work happening.

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