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How to checkout MetroBike from scratch.txt

Last updated: April 15, 2013

MetroBike - some description stuff here...

================================================================================ Usernames

coreyh3 dutchscout CoolCapri sw11 csmengwan smile76054789

================================================================================ Contents

  1. Git / GitHub instructions 1.1 Getting set up 1.2 Pushing and pulling from the repo


  1. Git / GitHub instructions ================================================================================

1.1 Getting set up

Step 1: Create an account at

Step 2: Follow this guide to install and set up git on your machine:

Step 3: Get added as a collaborator If you have not already ensure you have been added as a collaborator to the repo for our project. Email Adrian with your GitHub username if you have not been added.

Step 4: Create an ssh key You need to set up a way to 'talk' to the remote repository. You can do this using an ssh public key or HTTP authentication. It is best to use ssh. Follow this guide to set up an ssh key:

Step 5: clone the repo to your local machine Use the following to command to create a local copy of the repo on your machine which is where you will make your changes:

git clone

1.2 Pushing and pulling from the repo

To pull changes that others have made to the 'master' repository on GitHub you must be within the directory of your local repo (the directory created when you ran 'git clone'). Within the directory run:

git pull origin master

To push changes to the master, after you have commited them run:

git push origin master

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