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Piqi-erlang 0.7.2 (December 29, 2014)
- Fix #13: race condition with parallel builds
- Fix #15: make wrapper goes into an infinite loop
New features:
- Add a new piqic-erlang --include-lib option
- Bump piqi-binary dependency to the latest stable upstream version (v0.6.10)
- Run ./get-piqi-binary from pre- compile hook instead of post- get-deps
Piqi-erlang 0.7.1 (April 7, 2014)
- Fix a crash in piqic-erlang
- Fix generation of incorrect code for custom Erlang types
New features:
- preserve unknown Protobuf fields through deserialization-serialization cycle
(new piqic-erlang --gen-preserve-unknown-fields flag)
- New conversion options: piq_frameless_output, piq_frameless_input,
- Rename conversion option: json_omit_null_fields -> json_omit_missing_fields
- Bump piqi-binary dependency to the latest stable upstream version (v0.6.6)
- Various improvements in piqic-erlang
Piqi-erlang 0.7.0 (October 28, 2013)
The main change of this release is the rewrite of the "piqic-erlang" code
generator in Erlang. It still relies on the "piqi compile" front-end written in
OCaml, but the Erlang code generation and support for various Erlang-specific
features is now fully implemented in Erlang. As a result:
- we were able to move the piqi-erlang code from the main Piqi project
repository into its own repo
- drop dependency on "piqi_src" and OCaml code
- "piqi-erlang" has a new optional dependency called piqi-binary that includes
precompiled "piqi" executable for various platforms
- "piqic-erlang-ext" and therefore *_piqi_ext.erl go away; "piqic-erlang" now
generates serializers and deserializers for multi-format converters (i.e.
gen_X*/2, /3 and parse_X*/2, /3 functions) directly in *_piqi.erl
This was a major effort and it wouldn't have been possible without support of
many Piqi-erlang users. Thank you everyone for your bug reports, suggestions and
Special thanks goes to Dennis Docter who troubleshooted the Erlang name
normalization problem in the new implementation and contributed the solution and
the tests.
Other changes:
- "--gen-defaults" compiler option is deprecated. "piqic-erlang" now generates
_piqi:default_X/1 without asking
- generate default values for Erlang record fields if they are defined in the
original Piqi spec
- add a new "erlang-default" alias property; when specified, it overrides the
Piqi-default value for the type in the generated "*_piqi:default_<type>/0"
- piqi-erlang documentation is now distributed with the source code
- continuous builds via Travis-CI
- support for building piqi-erlang as a rebar dependency on FreeBSD
Piqi 0.6.0 (February 3, 2013)
Changelog for v0.6.0 and earlier releases is available here (the piqi-erlang
project used to be a subtree in the piqi repository):