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% we need to compile piqic-erlang first, because it is used in the pre-compile
% step below
{sub_dirs, ["piqic-erlang"]}.
% TODO, XXX: download a tag-based archive instead of cloning the whole git
% repository
{deps, [
% "piqi" binary executables pre-built for various platforms
{piqi_binary, "", {git, "git://", {tag, "v0.6.13"}}, [raw]}
% tolerate edoc quirks by #ifndef-ing several adjacent -spec
{edoc_opts, [{preprocess, true}, {macros, [{'EDOC', 1}]}]}.
{pre_hooks, [
% NOTE: calling copying of piqi-binary as during pre- compile as upposed to
% pos- get-deps to account for build environments in which dependencies are
% managed by rebar but their versions are managed separately
{compile, "./get-piqi-binary"},
{compile, "./make-wrapper -C src piqi"}
{post_hooks, [
{clean, "./make-wrapper -C src piqi-clean"},
{'delete-deps', "rm -rf priv/piqi-binary"}
% ex: ft=erlang