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Cannot generate release with piqi as a dependency #7

chaos-ad opened this Issue Apr 3, 2013 · 0 comments

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chaos-ad commented Apr 3, 2013

I'm trying to generate a release for my project, which depends on piqi, but I'm getting this error:

ERROR: Unable to generate spec: read file info <...>/test/test/rel/../../test/deps/piqi/piqic-erlang/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/src/piqic.hrl failed

I'm using the latest rebar built from the basho's sources (78fa8fc), and head of piqi-erlang (7276acc).

Everything I did is I've created a dummy project (which was releasable), and added a
{piqi, "", {git, "git://", {branch, "master"}}}
line to my rebar.config's deps section.

@alavrik alavrik added a commit that closed this issue Apr 4, 2013
@alavrik Fix #7: "rebar generate" can't handle recursive and broken symlinks
Remove all recursive and potentially broken symlinks in the repository.
@alavrik alavrik closed this in 26fd5b5 Apr 4, 2013
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