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Piqi-RPC 0.7.1 (April 7, 2014)
- Fix piqi-erlang-rpc generating incorrect code when .erlang-name property is
used in function parameters
- Fix generation of incorrect code when .erlang-name property is set in
New features:
- Add `-callback` specs to `_piqi_rpc.erl` for Erlang R15B+
(thanks to Ignas Vyšniauskas)
- Add function field serialization / default helpers to `_piqi_rpc.erl`
(thanks to Ignas Vyšniauskas)
- Assume Piq input when Content-Type is "text/plain"
- Rename service option: json_omit_null_fields -> json_omit_missing_fields
Piqi-RPC 0.7.0 (October 28, 2013)
The main change of this release is the rewrite of the underlying
"piqic-erlang" code generator in Erlang. As a result:
- Piqi-RPC code was moved from the main Piqi project repository into its own
- drop dependency on "piqi_src" and OCaml code
This was a major effort and it wouldn't have been possible without support of
many Piqi-erlang and Piqi-RPC users. Thank you everyone for your bug reports,
suggestions and patience.
Thanks to Motiejus Jakštys for contributing the fix for piqic-erlang-rpc not
printing compilation errors.
Other changes:
- the default Webmachine version is now 1.10.5
- piqi-rpc documentation is now distributed with the source code
- continuous builds via Travis-CI
Piqi 0.6.0 (February 3, 2013)
Changelog for v0.6.0 and earlier releases is available here (the piqi-rpc
project used to be a subtree in the piqi repository):