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This file contains instructions for building Piqi on Windows platform.
Windows build described in this documented relies on MinGW/Msys. Building Piqi
-using other methods (Cygwin/Gcc or Microsoft toolchain) has not been tested.
+using Microsoft toolchain has not been tested.
+(Piqi also successfully builds and runs on Windows under Cygwin. For building
+Piqi under Cygwin, follow general instructions for Unix platforms provided in
+INSTALL file.
+Note that under Cygwin, there could be problems with broken/outdated OCaml and
+Flexdll versions. These problems can be usually solved by downloading the latest
+versions of Flexdll and OCaml and building them from sources.)
tar -xzf piqi-*
+ Ignore all warnings and errors printed by tar.
2.4. Configure Windows-specific build parameters

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