Piqi as a Rebar Dependency - Release Generation Issues #19

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fauxsoup commented May 2, 2012

First, this happens:

root@phoebe:/srv/ebid# rm -rf rel/*_/ && rebar compile generate
==> cowboy (compile)
==> egeoip (compile)
==> eredis (compile)
==> rel (compile)
==> thrift_erl (compile)
==> piqi_src (compile)
Compiled src/piqi_src.erl
==> piqi (compile)
make: Entering directory /srv/**__/deps/piqi_src/piqi-erlang/src' set -e; \ for i in piqi-rpc.piqi piqi-tools.piqi piqi.piqi; do \ /srv/_**_/deps/piqi/priv/bin-Linux-x86_64/piqic erlang -I ../.. $i; \ done make: Leaving directory/srv/
Compiled src/piqi.erl
Compiled src/piqirun_props.erl
Compiled src/piqi_sup.erl
Compiled src/piqirun_tests.erl
Compiled src/piqi_tools.erl
Compiled src/piqi_rpc_piqi.erl
Compiled src/piqirun_ext.erl
Compiled src/piqi_app.erl
Compiled src/piqirun.erl
Compiled src/piqic_erlang_ext.erl
Compiled src/piqi_tools_piqi.erl
Compiled src/piqi_piqi.erl
==> erlydtl (compile)
==> lager (compile)
==> rel (compile)
==> ebid (compile)
Compiled src/openx_rtb_piqi.erl
Compiled templates/ad_code_default.dtl
Compiled templates/ad_code_trackp.dtl
Compiled templates/cpanel_main.dtl
Compiled templates/ad_generator.dtl
Compiled templates/cpanel_home.dtl
==> rel (generate)
==> rel (generate)
ERROR: Unable to generate spec: read file info /srv/ebid/rel/../../_***/deps/piqi_src/bin/piqic failed

Which previously I could fix by doing:

root@phoebe:/srv/***# rm -rf deps/thrift_erl/rel/thrift_erl/ deps/piqi_src/bin/

But now, after that, this happens:

root@phoebe:/srv/****# rebar generate
==> rel (generate)
==> rel (generate)

=ERROR REPORT==== 2-May-2012::15:06:17 ===
File operation error: eloop. Target: /srv/ebid/rel/../../_/deps/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/deps/piqi_src/tests/examples/ocaml-piq-config/OCamlMakefile. Function: read_file_info.
ERROR: Unable to generate spec: read file info /srv/ebid/rel/../../
/deps/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/piqi/deps/piqi_src/tests/examples/ocaml-piq-config/OCamlMakefile failed


root@phoebe:/srv/****/deps/piqi# uname -a
Linux phoebe 2.6.32-5-amd64 #1 SMP Mon Oct 3 03:59:20 UTC 2011 x86_64 GNU/Linux

root@phoebe:/srv/****/deps/piqi# erl -v
Erlang R15B (erts-5.9) [source] [64-bit] [async-threads:0] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false]

root@phoebe:/srv/****/deps/piqi# rebar -V
rebar version: 2 date: 20120119_153508 vcs: git 2a5320f

fauxsoup commented May 2, 2012

Able to generate releases by compiling everything followed by these steps:

rm deps/piqi/piqi -rf
rm deps/piqi/src -rf
rm deps/piqi_src/bin/*
rm deps/piqi/include -rf


alavrik commented May 3, 2012

Thanks for reporting it! You didn't specify which branch you are using, but it should be fixed now in master and dev branches of piqi-erlang and piqi-rpc. I also created a new v0.5.7-sp1 version tags for the the new master HEADs.


alavrik commented Feb 4, 2013

Permanently fixed in 0.6.0 release

@alavrik alavrik closed this Feb 4, 2013

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