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Greetings all.

I am new to piqi. Just trying to get started. Posting problems as I encounter them.

bertd@beam-dev:~/piqi/tests/boot_proto2piqi$ make
g++ -I. -o proto2piqi -lprotobuf -lprotoc -lpthread fatal error: google/protobuf/compiler/importer.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
make: *** [proto2piqi] Error 1

I am using Debian testing. The protobufs include files are:

bertd@beam-dev:~$ ls /usr/include/google/protobuf
descriptor_database.h message_lite.h
descriptor.h reflection_ops.h
descriptor.pb.h repeated_field.h
descriptor.proto service.h
dynamic_message.h stubs
extension_set.h text_format.h
generated_message_reflection.h unknown_field_set.h
generated_message_util.h wire_format.h
io wire_format_lite.h
message.h wire_format_lite_inl.h

So the referenced include file really does not exist.
This seems like a real problem and not something I am doing wrong.

Bert Douglas

alavrik commented Jun 29, 2012

The failure clearly occurred when you attempted to run the tests, not the build itself. To resolve the problem, follow the instructions from the "prerequisites" section in tests/README.

@alavrik alavrik closed this Feb 4, 2013
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