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This is the Node.js server which displays a page you can put in your smart mirror. The web page can be controlled with the Hover gesture controller.


Raspberry Pi setup

To replicate my setup you'll need a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian installed. Additionally you'll need Python 2.7, which is preinstalled with Raspbian, as well as Node.js for the web server. Install Chromium in order to view the web page which will display the mirror GUI.

Web server setup

Run npm install to download the necessary dependencies, then run gulp to generate the web server files. To run the web server you can run node server.js.

Hover event handler setup

You'll need to install RPi.GPIO and smbus dependencies if you don't already have them. You can run the event controller separately with sudo python This will send keystrokes up and down to any open Chromium browser, which are used to change the interface.

Running everything together

You can run ./ to run everything together, it will launch the Node.js server, Chromium and the Hover event handler. You can setup your Raspberry Pi to automatically run on startup to jump right into it.