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Wallpaper set with one kanji per image sorted by JLPT level
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JLPT-N3 Added the 361 N3 kanji Jun 8, 2015
JLPT-N4 Added the 280 N4 kanji Jun 1, 2015
JLPT-N5 Added N5 set Jun 1, 2015 Update May 20, 2017

jlpt kanji set

Sample image

Kanji wallpaper set for JLPT studies

Wallpapers set with one kanji per image (.png) sorted by JLPT level (N5 to N3 = 744 kanji so far).

The idea behind this wallpaper set is to set your wallpaper to change every day (or whatever time duration you want) to a new Kanji.

Translations and examples are graciously borrowed from You can report eventual errors on the forum:

How to use

Download the set using the "Download ZIP" button on the right. Unzip somewhere on your computer and follow one of the guide below.




More samples

jlpt kanji set

jlpt kanji set

jlpt kanji set

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