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WordPress BootStrap (WPstrap)

An WordPress boilerplate for initializing new WP projects.

###Nice URL with builtin PHP server Now supports Nice URL with builtin PHP server. No need to have a real web server for development. Which makes it more portable. Start server:


###Multiple Environment Support It's a pain with WordPress and Version control systems to sync the database credentials based on different environments. Now this package supports multiple environments. Just create a php file with env. suffix inside configs folder and WordPress will pick the ENV. Like if you create a file called env.local.php WP will automatically pick local environment and will use the database credentials from this file. To have a staging ENV create a file called env.staging.php. This folder should have only one env. prefixed file.

A sample file (sample.env.php) already has been included as a template for the env files.

###Linear and cleaner folder structure. We have now three folders, two of the are WordPress and content. WordPress directory contains the core WP files. These files supposed to be never touched except WordPress update. The content folder will hold all our custom codes like themes and plugins.

Feel free to tweak the files to fit your need. Suggestions are welcome.

####Contact Me You can follow me on Twitter (@iBabar). I'm also available via my blog. See ya!


WordPress boilerplate for initializing new WP projects.




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