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@albar965 albar965 released this Feb 9, 2019 · 261 commits to master since this release

Edit 10 March 2018: Added German manual translation

Alternative download locations: Dropbox -

► Screenshots

► User manuals for Little Navmap and Little Navconnect in all formats and languages.

► Features


This release contains small bugfixes, new keyboard shortcuts, enabled IVAO online network, AviTab export and more flight plan export formats.

Changes from Release 2.2.3 to 2.2.4

Flight Plan Export

  • Added saving and loading of FlightGear XML flight plans (.fgfp) also covering SID and STAR. #361
  • MDX flight plan export for Leonardo Maddog X added. #232
  • Added RTE flight plan export for QualityWings aircraft. #335
  • Export for AivlaSoft EFB (.efbr version 1 - currently no SID and STAR). #226
  • Added saving of PNG or JPG map images for AviTab to file menu. Includes JSON calibration file. #310
  • Added flight plan export for online networks including dialog for additional data. #317 (vPilot, VFP) and #176 (IVAP and X-IVAP, FPL)
  • Added FPL flight plan export for FeelThere aircraft. #206
  • New flight plan export for Level-D (.rte). #206
  • Adapted flight plan file type detection to new formats and improved it for drag and drop loading. Files are now accepted for dropping/loading independent of file extension.
  • Now automatically suggesting a numbered filename if file already exists when exporting or using Save as. Same for aircraft performance files.
  • Reorganized export flight plan menu items into categories (Aircraft, Online, etc.) for better overview.
  • Changed default export folder for aircraft flight plan formats to use simulator base folder instead of Documents.

Online Networks

  • Enabled IVAO online network support based on mirror on #244
  • Now displaying flight simulator type in information window for online network clients.



  • Fixed issue where MORA data was displayed only with Navigraph data enabled. Now always shown independent of selection. #331
  • Changed taxiway color for better visibility with light backgrounds.
  • Added taxiway colors and pens to little_navmap_mapstyle.ini to allow configuration.
  • Logbook userpoint icon now displayed using an offset from airport icon to avoid covering the airport symbol. Hotspot of logbook userpoint is now top left of the symbol. #366
  • Changed AI/multiplayer aircraft on ground to appear earlier when zooming in.
  • Now disabling text in MORA display if it gets too small to avoid garbled up display.
  • Now hiding the scalebar when saving map images. Scale bar is now only included when printing.
  • Fixed several display issues with procedure legs.

Flight Plan and Performance

  • Fixed issue where selecting a parking position as departure resulted in zero cruising altitude in flight plan (FSX/P3D .pln).
  • Now disabling aircraft performance collection when sim is paused or replaying (replay only detected on X-Plane).
  • Relaxed maximum distance requirements for waypoints in route string parser.\
    Airports are now always used independent of distance to previous waypoint. This allows to build plans like EDDF KORD EDDM.\
  • Fixed display and conversion issues in aircraft performance when using metric units.
  • Vertical descent speed, descent speed and descent rule of thumb now displayed correctly.
  • Fixed route description parser to ignore runway designations attached to airport like USSS/08R ... ZMUB1200/33.
  • Route description parser can now read long SID and STAR names like ENVA UTUNA1A vs. ENVA UTUN1A.

Scenery Library

  • Airports with open helipads and closed runways are now considered open.
  • Now considering helipads for rating calculation for airports.
  • Fixed issue with error messages when loading OpenAIR files with missing airspace class. Now omitting only the invalid airspaces instead of the whole file.
  • Now looking for registry keys in a case insensitive manner to avoid problems where FSX or P3D could not be found.

User Interface

  • Added function key shortcuts in menu Window -> Shortcuts to have quick access to search, flight plan, map and more. #364
  • Added shortcuts to switch between styles Fusion (Shift+F2) and Night (Shift+F3).
  • Added links to airport folder Documents/Little Navmap Files/ICAO for airport information. Links to all files in the related folder are shown if the path exists for an airport with the given ICAO ident. The path is locale sensitive, e.g. in German Dokumente/Little Navmap Dateien/ICAO. This depends on completeness of the translation. Try both variants (Files vs. your system language) if in doubt. Clicking on a link opens the file in the default editor or viewer of the system.
  • Fixed wrong test in options dialog for online status.txt file. Now looking for the correct values to verify the file or download.
  • Default folder is now the simulator base path when selecting exclusions in the options dialog on tab Scenery Library Database.
  • Fixed issue where date display used 12 hour time without AM/PM indicator. Now always using 24 hour time for UTC time display.
  • Moved all context menus a few pixels off the cursor to avoid accidental selection of first entry on touchpads or some mice.
  • Changed lengthy prefix for custom map themes to * in the drop down box on the toolbar.
  • Limited text length for files and paths in scenery loading dialog to avoid growing the progress dialog too large.
  • Shortcuts (menu Window -> Shortcuts) are now enabled on all windows.


  • Fixed default NOAA and VATSIM weather URLs to use HTTPS/SSL.
  • Added migration code to convert NOAA weather URL to use SSL/HTTPS if user left URL unchanged.
  • Made METAR parser more tolerant for invalid temperature values not separated by a /.
  • Fixed issues with missing weather updates when switching airport weather.


  • Now reading environment variable LNM_RENDERER for potential fixes on crashes or graphic problems.\
    To use desktop OpenGL renderer set it to desktop. \
    Use Angle to DirectX adapter for rendering: angle.\
    To use the software renderer set it to software.
  • Added [Options] / PixmapCache allowing to change pixmap cache size as a potential fix for disappearing icons.
  • Added preliminary options for manual application of user interface font configuration in settings. #373. Example:\
    GuiFontFile=FILE.ttf (Optional)\
    GuiFontPixelSize=12 (Optional)
  • [Options] / Language override in settings file now fixed for online help and legend loading.

related from Little Xpconnect version 1.0.14

  • Fixed issue with AI detection where aircraft remained on map moving along with the user aircraft after deleting AI in simulator.
  • Now linking Xpconnect statically to Qt to avoid plugin conflicts with libaries in Linux.

See the included CHANGELOG.txt or here online for a complete list across all versions.

All files are checked by VirusTotal.

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@albar965 albar965 released this Dec 20, 2018 · 106 commits to release/2.2 since this release

  • Fixed crash when reading unexpected value in "activeflightplanwx.txt" of Active Sky.
  • Fixed crash when doing "Show all" after "Select all" in search result table while using a spatial query.
  • Problem solved where altitude restrictions in procedures caused an invalid "cannot comply to altitude restrictions" error.
  • Fixed several display issues in profile (e.g. LPPR ADNOV I17 at CI17).
  • Fixed drawing issues with overlapping procedure leg points having different altitude restrictions (e.g. LPPR ADNOV I17 at CI17).
  • Fixed issue where flight plan airports or navaids were not detected when airport display is off.
  • Elevation profile showed wrong values for altitude on rightmost position in some cases.
  • X-Plane scenery_packs.ini now read case insensitive to avoid errors.
  • Little Xpconnect: Acf file of user aircraft is now read for more attributes like e.g. identifying helicopters.
  • X-Plane scenery_packs.ini now read case insensitive.
  • Disabled display of flight plan position in information window since it needs too many updates to function correctly.
  • Full French and Spanish translated PDF manual included and online help is now complete.
  • Updated French legend.
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@albar965 albar965 released this Dec 13, 2018 · 122 commits to release/2.2 since this release

Diese Seite auf Deutsch


  • Added French translation package for the manual ( Install this to get access to the French legend and online help (Manuel Utilisateur de Little Navmap). Includes the PDF manual. Thanks to Patrick JUNG alias PATBEST for translating the manual!

Note: Updated on Sunday, 16 Dec 11:40 UTC.

Changes from Release 2.0.3 to 2.2.2

For more details on fixed issues look at the included CHANGELOG.txt or here online for a complete list across all versions.

Click on images for large view.

Quick Overview

  • Aircraft performance, fuel planning and more.
  • Elevation profile now zoomable, displays top of climb and procedure altitude restrictions.
  • Display of Airport traffic pattern.
  • MORA Grid (minimum off-route altitude grid) shown on map.
  • Sun shadow on map.
  • Airport weather symbols on the map.
  • Modifier mouse clicks in map. E.g. Ctrl+Click to start measurement or Shift+Click to place range rings.
  • Sunrise and sunset for airport in information.
  • Bearing and distance to user aircraft in information display for airports and navaids.
  • Better printing for map and flight plan.
  • Insert flight plan at any position into the current one.
  • Change style (also Night) on the fly without restart from the menu Window.
  • Copy map image to clipboard.
  • Performance issues with X-Plane airports fixed.
  • Prepared for Active Sky XP.

New online manual chapters and/or changes

New Options

Tooltips in dialog Options give more help.

Note that some options were moved around in the options dialog. These are also marked in the images.


Map Display
Map Display

Map Display Online
Map Display Online

Flight Plan
Flight Plan

Scenery Library
Scenery Library

User Interface
User Interface

New Features

New Features New Menu Items New Context Menu Items

Elevation Profile

New New New

  • Added scrolling and zooming ability to elevation profile. Elevation profile now has a context menu also including Show on Map and more functions.
    Added splitter to elevation profile dock window which has sliders for zooming vertically and horizontally. These can be hidden by dragging the splitter to the right.
    Zooming can also be done using mouse wheel (Wheel+Shift for vertical zooming).
    Added keyboard navigation using cursor keys and numpad keys for zooming and scrolling.
    Panning in elevation profile with mouse click and moving like in map. Double click zooms to position on map. #34
  • Elevation profile now uses same aircraft icon as map. Changed elevation profile to completely adhere to map painting settings like line width, text size and symbol size. Profile display now hides flight plan if hidden on map. #298
  • Adjusted elevation profile to display passed, active, straight-in and circle-to-land flight plan legs in the same colors like the flight plan on the map. Navaid symbols are now shown on the descending or ascending line. #298
  • Added option to display ILS and VASI slopes in elevation profile if an approach is selected. Menu items allow to disable these. #299
  • Added calculation and display for top of climb to elevation profile display. Calculation based on aircraft performance data.
  • Now showing procedure altitude restrictions in profile display.
  • Top of descent is calculated considering altitude restrictions of approach or STAR. Same for top of climb and SID. All legs after and at the FAF and FACF points are forced to minimum altitude to avoid arriving above ILS glideslope.
  • Display of Above Ground Altitude on top label in profile window follows climb and descent slope instead of using cruise altitude.
  • Giving clear error indication if cruise altitude is too high (i.e. TOC and TOC overlap) or if restrictions are violated due to too low cruise altitude.
  • Removed barely visible highlight on map when hovering cursor above elevation profile. Highlight colors can now be customized in little_navmap_mapstyle.ini. Mouse position in elevation profile is now shown with a cyan/black circle on the map. #34
  • Jump back to aircraft functionality added in elevation profile. Uses the same settings as the map. #34
  • Fixed display color of profile labels for night mode. Removed all dark profile colors and pens from little_navmap_mapstyle.ini. Using OS and style colors now. #34
  • Solved problems where aircraft in elevation profile jumped to wrong leg or moved backwards.
  • Aircraft track is now ignored when determining profile window altitude to avoid confusion when stale tracks result in wrong profile maximum.
  • Aircraft direction now turned if reversal relative to active leg detected.
  • Fixed several issues with aircraft movement and trail in elevation profile. Profile trail now depends on active leg and is now saved separately from aircraft trail on map.

Aircraft Performance


See main menu -> Aircraft and tab Aircraft in dock window Flight plan.

Note that the new tab in the Flight plan dock window is meant for fuel planning and does not change during flight (except when collecting performance data).


  • Added aircraft performance facilities including edit dialog, new, save, save as, load, file history and report.
    Performance files (lnmperf) can be dragged into the main window of Little Navmap to load.
    Added main menu Aircraft and tab on flight plan dock window for loading, saving and editing of performance files.
  • Performance and fuel calculation can use an average cruise wind setting where wind is interpolated for climb and descent for calculation.
  • Added automatic aircraft performance calculation option during flight (Aircraft -> Collect Performance for Flight).
  • A default performance profile with 3 NM / 1000 ft descent and climb rules and no fuel consumption is default.
  • Flight plan table shows both fuel weight and volume in separate columns.
  • Window title now shows aircraft performance file name additionally to flight plan file and change state indicated by *.
  • URLs are recognized in aircraft performance description and can be opened there. Local file and directory links (e.g. file:///C:/Projekte/atools or file:///home/alex/) as well as web URLs are recognized and opened.
  • Showing red error messages on top of fuel report indicating invalid or missing values.
  • Added setting in options to change text size in performance report.
  • Added aircraft performance file to userpoint log entry.
  • Removed now useless speed setting from flight plan dock and deleted rule of thumb descent setting in options dialog.


See main menu -> File -> Print Map and Print Flight Plan.

  • Added flight plan column selection to print dialog. Added more options for header, fuel, performance and others to print dialog.
  • Improved printing of flight plan table. Now has proper word wrap, proper column sizes and shows a header for each page.
  • Now uses printer resolution for printing the map to get sharper images. This does not apply to the map background.
  • Added colors for procedures to printed flight plan table as shown in flight plan dock window.

Online Networks

  • Added settings for online center sizes in options dialog. Previous settings from INI file are now ignored. See dialog Options on tab Map Display Online. #267
  • Added estimated arrival time to online client information tab and search table. Invalid times are now omitted in display. #303
  • Changed lower limit of online updates for custom networks to five seconds. Emphasized warning to not to use this for official networks. See dialog Options on tab Online Flying.
  • Fixed wrong heading display for online aircraft in information display in some cases.
  • Improved check for valid whazzup file in options dialog. Now looking for sections !GENERAL and !CLIENTS.

Compass Rose

  • Now showing crab angle and added display indicator for next waypoint in compass rose. #284
  • Added configuration options for compass rose in tree view in dialog Options on tab Map Display. #285
  • Text size for compass rose, measurement lines and range rings can now be set in dialog Options on tab Map Display.
  • Compass rose range rings are now always drawn. Also if not connected to simulator.
  • Fixed error in compass rose where decimal digits were truncated in some cases.

Flight Plan

  • Added drag and drop of flight plans from file manager into main window for loading. Accepts a single flight plan file and all allowed formats for loading (fms, flp, pln) as well as aircraft performance files (lnmperf). #291
  • Added Insert Flight Plan menu item into flight plan table context menu. Added Append Flight Plan menu item into flight plan table context menu.
  • Now selecting and highlighting imported legs after inserting or appending flight plan. #264
  • Now displaying FAF, IAF, FACF and MAP in the procedure preview, flight plan table and tooltips. #196
  • FAF and/or FACF is shown with a Maltese cross on the map and in elevation profile. The Maltese cross is applied to either final approach fix or final approach course fix depending on ILS GS intercept altitude and approach type. #196
  • Changed last Proceed to Runway leg to correct Circle to Land for approaches without runway ends and Straight In for others.
  • Circle-to-land and straight-in legs following a missed approach point are now drawn correctly with a dashed line on the map and in the flight plan profile. #252
  • Added indication for DME distance to or from waypoint in procedure search (e.g. TAU+6) and flight plan table for certain leg types.
    This minimizes the confusing duplicate display of idents in the flight plan table. #265
  • Added procedure name to flight plan table instead of the generic names like SID or STAR.
  • Added display of ARINC name (e.g. Q21 or I16) to flight plan header label since some FMCs need this value.
  • Added warning dialog for flight plan zero cruise altitude before saving. #263
  • Made loading of procedures more tolerant for renamed runways and for ARINC names of procedures.
  • Removed annoying change in flight plan when Little Navmap adapted start position on loading. Now leaving flight plan change status unchanged.
  • Disabled export of approach procedures for Flight Factor airbus since required data is unknown.
  • Fixed issue with missing runway in X-Plane FMS files having circle-to-land approaches. X-Plane can now load these type of approaches without error message.
  • Fixed issue for FSX/P3D flight plans missing byte order mark. These were not accepted by ASN or ASX.
  • Added saving of altitudes for X-Plane FMS formats which will show up for each waypoint in the stock FMS now.
  • Fixed issue in route description generator which omitted SID and STAR when no intermediate waypoints were present.
  • Flight plan table now displays localizer frequencies for approaches.
  • Moved FMS 3 format to export sub-menu since it became less important.


  • Now loading procedures partially from a flight plan if some could not be found.
  • Better error report on procedure loading issues. Now showing the procedure names which cannot be found in the database.
  • Fixed several drawing and other issues with procedures.
  • Added workaround for 3-letter airport idents in procedures which were not recognized and showed an error in the procedure search (red procedure leg).


New New

  • Added mouse click and modifier options for quick access. Doing a second click on the hot spot of a shown feature like range rings or measurement lines removes it. #268
    • Shift+Click: Add or remove range rings or navaid range ring.
    • Ctrl+Click: Start rhumb-line measurement or delete measurement line.
    • Alt+Click: Start great circle line measurement or delete measurement line.
    • Ctrl+Shift+Click: Add or edit userpoint.
    • Ctrl+Alt+Click: Insert point into nearest flight plan leg.
    • Shift+Alt+Click: Append point to flight plan.
  • Added Shift+Wheel and key combinations for zooming in small steps. See legend for a list of keys.
  • Added minimum off route altitude (MORA) data one degree grid display to map. Data coming from Navigraph (also from the included database cycle 1801). See main menu -> View -> Show Minimum Altitude. #84
  • Added extra airport display layer in map that shows runways and runway numbers before airport diagram shows up. #308
  • Fixed several problems for aircraft and next waypoint centering mode. Updates are now triggered by a timer depending on speed and distance to waypoint. Minimum zoom distance is now a function of altitude above ground.
    See dialog Options on tab Simulator Aircraft: Allow scrolling ... and Jump back ....
  • Centering of active flight plan leg and aircraft (if enabled in options) falls back to simple aircraft centering if distance to flight plan is larger than 50 NM.
    This helps to avoid situations where the program zoomed too far out when flying with stale flight plans.
  • Changed jump-back-to-aircraft logic to avoid weird behavior (zooming far out and other issues).
    When aircraft is on ground or Center map on aircraft and next flight plan waypoint is not selected:
    • Start looking around on the map by moving first (mouse drag or cursor keys) and not by zooming (mouse wheel or plus and minus keys) to suppress aircraft centering for a while.
    • Zooming without movement (drag or cursor keys only) keeps the zoom distance.
  • Added option to avoid blurred online maps. This is enabled per default. See dialog Options on tab Map: Avoid blurred .... This options works best with the map projection Mercator. #254
  • Added option for sun shading on map which can use real time, simulator time or user defined time. See main menu View -> Show Sun Shading and Sun Shading sub-menu.
    Shading darkness can be adjusted in dialog Options on tab Map Display: Sun shading ....
  • Added dialog to set user defined time and date for sun shading. See main menu View -> Sun Shading -> Set user defined time. #60
  • Drawing of complex X-Plane airports accelerated significantly. #245
  • Added dashed center line to ILS feathers and made feathers semi-transparent.
  • ILS labels now adhere to the text background color setting for navaids. This allows to select a white background for the labels for better visibility.
  • Now omitting curves, arcs, holds, procedure turns and other fancy geometry of procedures on high zoom factors to avoid a mess up of graphics in the spherical projection. Fixed flight plan leg distance label turning into weird directions when using spherical projection and at high zoom factors. #287
  • Aircraft icon heading is now more correct at higher zoom levels when using spherical projection. #239
  • Improved zooming when using a touchpad. Now less sensitive when using two finger touchpad or other gestures.
  • Added workaround for issues when zooming to map objects. Now determining the best zoom distance until all is visible.
  • Fixed issue of map jumping to the wrong place when zooming around the anti-meridian with the mouse wheel.
  • Changed map context menu to correctly show only the mentioned item in Show information menu item and nothing else.
  • Replaced home view symbol on map with actual icon from toolbar button.
  • Moved Remove all Ranges, Measurements and Patterns from all context menus to main menu Map.
  • Several issues with the map context menu and Show Information fixed.
  • Fixed several drawing issues with the aircraft trail, procedures on high zoom levels, flight plan, ILS and others.
  • Replaced OpenMapSurfer hillshading with the one used for OpenStreetMap since server is offline.

Airport Weather

See main menu -> View -> Show Airport Weather and
Airport Weather Source. #6


  • Added display for weather symbols to map showing lowest cloud coverage (from empty to filled circle), wind direction, wind speed (barbs) and flight rules according to official color coding: LIFR/magenta, IFR/red, MVFR/blue and VFR/green.
  • Added map weather selection for all supported weather sources in menu view. See main menu -> View -> Airport Weather Source.
  • Airport weather icons are loaded from FSX/P3D and remote connections too.
  • Showing flight rules and icons for all sources in information and tooltip. Showing selected source for weather in map in the information display by adding suffix - Map to Flight Rules text.


  • Attempt to fix weather loading issues (disappearing report) for X-Plane METAR.rwx. Weather data is now kept if file was deleted.
  • Fixed issue with ActiveSky showing old weather from stale activeflightplanwx.txt flight plan files. Now always using the latest from either activeflightplanwx.txt or current_wx_snapshot.txt.
  • General improvements to improve reliability when reading weather files and detecting changes on them.
  • More improvements on error tolerance and fixes when reading METARs.
  • Prepared for Active Sky XP.

Information and Progress

  • Added sunrise and sunset display (civil twilight) in UTC for airport information display. Time is based on simulator date or real date depending on connection status. See in dock window Information on tab Airport. #281
  • Added distance and bearing (rhumb line) to navaids and airports from the user aircraft in information window and tooltip. Disabled when distance is larger than 500 NM. #274
  • Added More / Less link to aircraft progress display to show detailed or brief performance information during flight.
  • Added crab angle to aircraft progress display to indicate the needed heading to the next flight plan waypoint in cross wind. #284
  • Information tabs for airspaces and online centers now highlight geometry on map when clicking the blue Map link in the information window.
    Above mentioned tabs also have a Remove Highlights from Map link on top that clears all highlighted airspaces from the map.
  • Now showing restricted airspace designation (like D-30) in information and tooltip.
  • Showing active time criteria (NOTAM, holidays or others) for airspaces in information window. Added multiple code as indicator for duplicate overlapping airspaces. Navigraph data only. #279
  • Now displaying related airport information for navaids if available. #289
  • Com frequencies are now forced into 25 kHz raster on display to avoid invalid frequencies like 0.69 MHz.
  • Showing more important flight parameters (IAS, indicated altitude, etc.) bold in aircraft progress.
  • More fixes and improvements to information display and tooltips.

Airport Traffic Pattern


New New

  • Added option to draw airport traffic pattern on the map to all map, flight plan table and airport search context menus. Display Airport Traffic pattern at ... is enabled when right clicking on an airport.
    Right click on traffic patter hotspot near runway threshold to remove it.
  • A configuration dialog is shown when adding a traffic pattern that allows to customize distances, colors and other options.


  • Moved options Use a short name ICAO_ICAO.pln when saving FSX or P3D flight plans instead of the long name, Avoid overwriting Flight Plan with not matching departure and destination and Center flight plan on map after loading to flight plan tab in options.
  • Various other changes for online networks, map display, scenery library and more. See related items in this change log.


  • Added Show Information for Airport, Show Airport on Map and Show Airport in Search items to the context menu in the procedure search tab.
  • Various other improvements and fixes to procedure search.


  • URLs are now recognized in userpoint information display and can be opened there. Local file and directory links (e.g. file:///C:/Projekte/atools or file:///home/alex/) links as well as web URLs are recognized and opened.
  • Fixed issue where takeoff or landing airports and runways were not recognized correctly for logbook entries.

User Interface and General

  • GUI style including Night can now be changed on the fly from the menu Window -> Style. Removed style from options dialog and moved map darkness for night style to dialog Options to tab Map Display. Fixed all remaining artifacts which appeared after style change. #142
  • Added option to disable map window undocking in options dialog on tab Map.
    Allowing to undock the map window (option checked - default) can cause issues when resizing dock windows or the main window.
    Uncheck this option if you see strange or annoying resizing behavior when changing dock window or main window sizes.
    In some cases the dock window might also freeze, i.e. docks cannot be resized. Uncheck this option if you see one of these issues.
  • Reset window layout now also changes window size and centers window to avoid messed up layouts. Changed default layout to avoid locked elevation profile size.
  • Disabled restoring of full screen mode on macOS since Qt freezes dock windows.
    If that happens double click the title bar of any dock window to float it. Double click again to dock it back and you can resize all docks again.
  • Now always showing version in main window title. Development versions also show Git revision. #304
  • Added Copy Map Image to Clipboard function in file menu.
  • Now appending date and time suffix to map screenshot name to avoid overwriting for Save Map as Image.
  • Added warning dialog when using the buggy and limited online elevation data.
  • Added information dialog for Navigraph only scenery mode. #262
  • Changed Show map window menu item to Show all floating Windows which raises all floating dock windows. Can also be used to get a lost map window back.
  • Now raising all floating windows on startup to avoid hidden and/or inaccessible windows.
  • Changed search path for custom map themes to be based on executable path since macOS gives a wrong current directory. #261
  • Log file is now rotated if the file size of 10 MB is exceeded. This avoids overwriting on startup and eases error reporting. #275
  • Added new Remove all Highlights and Selections menu item to menu Map and toolbar. #308
  • Added Copy to Clipboard to update notification dialog to copy contents as plain and formatted text.
  • Added FAQ link help menu.
  • Various other improvements regarding error messages and changes in menu structure.

Scenery Library

  • Files can now be excluded from loading for all simulators in options dialog. #29
  • List in exclusion paths now allow multi selection. See dialog Options on tab Scenery Library Database: Add Files ....
  • Check box for reading inactive scenery is now enabled for X-Plane to choose between reading scenery_packs.ini or full directory structure in scenery loading dialog. This helps if using tools to disable scenery. #151
  • Now fetching the first X-Plane installation path from x-plane_install_11.txt as base path.
  • X-Plane parking positions are now at correct coordinates. #256
  • Fixed issues with symbolic links in scenery loader. Now using path as-is instead of converting to canonical path (i.e. resolving the symbolic links). #29
  • Database minor version updated to 13.

X-Plane / Little Xpconnect

  • Now reading X-Plane acf files once to get aircraft name and engine type for a better classification. Allows to show helicopter and jet AI symbols in Little Navmap. #271
  • Added airplane model and registration. Now using description for title.

See the included CHANGELOG.txt or here online for a complete list across all versions.

All files are checked by VirusTotal.

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@albar965 albar965 released this Jul 11, 2018 · 679 commits to master since this release

This release contains mostly bugfixes.

Changes from Release 2.0.2 to 2.0.3

Online Networks

  • Fixed issue where simulator, AI or multiplayer aircraft did not move or were not updated on the map with certain settings.
  • Now showing both online client and simulator aircraft tabs if user clicks on own aircraft when using online network.
  • Both online and simulator information is now shown when clicking on shadow AI/multiuser/simulator aircraft.
  • Fixed issue where online ATC was not removed from the map when the related center shut down.
  • Online network ACC and FIR regions now have a default radius of 100.
  • Removed error dialog for online network downloads. Now showing online network errors/status in statusbar on the connection status label and tooltip.
  • Fixed issue when parsing whazzup with small timeintervals. (atools)
  • Now assuming that aircraft is on ground for VATSIM and GS smaller than 30 kts (VATSIM has no on ground indication). (atools)
  • Fixed wrong tooltip for online shadow aircraft which appear both in simulator and online network. Now showing tooltip for simulator aircraft.

User Interface

  • Rearranged controls in search window to allow smaller dock windows.
  • Now showing warning message box if SSL/HTTPS was not initialized due to missing MSVC redist installation or other issues.
  • Increased size of status bar field for time to avoid creeping/flickering field in macOS.

Flight Plan

  • Fixed several issues with copy CSV to clipboard from flight plan and search result tables.
  • Fixed issue where route type (High/Low Alt) was assigned wrongly after flight plan calculation or loading flight plan.
  • Fixes for flight factor flight plan export to RNAV approaches should be recognized now.
  • Flight plan names for flight factor flight plan export to are now made unique when saving.
  • Fixed issues with export for flight plans for iFly 737 that could crash the simulator. (atools)
  • Fixed issue where translated parking names were used in PLN files which resulted in wrong flight plan departure in saved file. This can appear in the French and Spanish translation. #243


  • Added departure and destination to map label for online network and AI aircraft.
  • Disabled SSL for OpenMapSurfer theme due to problems on macOS.
  • Now hiding all airspaces at small zoom distance when airport diagram is shown.
  • Fixed issue where airspace was not displayed when selecting "show information".
  • Now ignoring null frequencies on airspaces.
  • Fixed issues with map context menu where "Show ..." and "Show ... in search" used the wrong map objects, i.e. "Show Network Client" showed airport in information window.
  • Now using consistent priority where online and simulator aircraft are now prioritized above airports when clicking in the map for all show functions.


  • Fixed issue where program cannot be opened by Linux file managers.
  • Fixed translation issues in navserver resulting in confusing messages in Little Navconnect log window. (atools)
  • Now showing coordinates in userpoint search result table.
    A "Reset View" from the context menu is required to show the new columns.
  • Increased Garmin userdata export ident length. (atools)
  • Fixed issue where aprons from stock airports remained in add-ons when loading FSX or P3D scenery.
  • Fixed missing first update of X-Plane weather when starting X-Plane after Little Navmap.
  • Now disabling less used search options on first startup after initial installation to get a less cluttered user interface.
  • Added option to disable less used type filters in nav search.
  • Workaround for partially invalid NDB and waypoint structures in APX27190.bgl from P3D v4.3 which causes errors
    when reading the scenery library.
Assets 6

@albar965 albar965 released this Jun 2, 2018 · 722 commits to master since this release


  • It is recommended to reload the scenery library.
  • X-Plane users: Reinstall the included Little Xpconnect 1.0.9 for bug fixes regarding magnetic variation.
  • Translations for the graphical user interface are included with the download.
    Translation packages are not required.

Changes from Release 1.8.5 to 2.0.2

Quick Overview

  • Several user interface translations included.
  • Support for online networks like VATSIM or custom networks.
  • User defined waypoints: Complete management, import, export, search and display.
  • More flight plan export formats.
  • Added menu options to save waypoints instead of SID/STAR or approaches.
  • New airport display options.
  • Compass Rose
  • IVAO weather and nearest NOAA weather.
  • Included Navigraph AIRAC database was updated to cycle 1801.

New online manual chapters and/or changes

New Options

Click on image for large view. Tooltips in dialog Options give more help.

Options Map Display Options Simulator Aircraft Options Weather Options Map


  • Github Issue: #135
  • Program user interface translations: Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish and German. All complete.
    No language packages needed. Thanks to all who contributed!
  • Included map legend in Spanish, French and German.
  • Help system now more flexible and can load legend and help files if present for language.
    Also uses a fuzzy way to find files by ignoring language region/country
    like pt (Portuguese) vs. pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese).
  • French offline PDF manual is from previous version. Full translation will be provided as an update package.

Thanks to Daniel "Wolf", Eddy Crequie, merspieler, Patrick JUNG , Ricardo Vitor and Stephan Leukert for the translations.

Online Networks

  • Github Issue: #45
  • Manual: Online Networks
  • Added IVAO, VATSIM and custom online networks. IVAO is currently disabled due to missing clearance.
    Need volunteers to run a mirror.
  • All online network tabs and menu items are hidden in Little Navmap until online is activated in
    dialog Options on tab Online Flying.
  • Update rate and URL configuration for custom networks in dialog Options on tab Online Flying.
  • Display of clients, servers and online centers on map, in information windows, search tabs and context menus.
  • Search highlights and tooltips for centers and client aircraft similar to airports and navaids.
  • CSV export via clipboard for all online information in search window.


User defined waypoints like visual reporting points, bookmarks, points of interest and others.

  • Github Issue: #3
  • Manual: Userpoints
  • New main menu Userdata which provides various import and export options and more.
  • A new search tab Userpoints in the Search Window for editing and searching with the same functionality
    as the other search tabs.
  • New menu entries in map context menu to add, edit, delete or move userpoints.
  • Information window and map tooltips can display userpoint information on tab Navaids.
  • Edit dialog for userpoints also allows bulk edits on more than one selected point.
  • Add userpoint dialog remembers input to ease adding more than one similar point.
    Content can be cleared using the reset button.
  • Add dialog is context sensitive and prefills airport data if you add a bookmark on an airport for example.
  • Add userpoint from map is filled with actual elevation at clicked position (only for GLOBE data).
  • Coordinates can be edited manually in edit/add dialog. More than 10 coordinate formats are recognized. See tooltip on Latitude and Longitude field.
  • Userpoints can be added to a flight plan and are converted to flight plan user defined waypoints (green square).
  • A timestamp of last change is kept for each userpoint which allows to find latest changes or imports.
  • Userpoints can be temporary. These will be removed on startup.
  • Flight plan drag and drop editing allows to add userpoints.
  • Import and export for CSV (format from other well known programs), Garmin user.wpt and X-Plane user_fix.dat.
  • Export to a XML file suitable for the FSX/P3D BGL compiler.
  • Icons and types can be extended by placing SVG files with names like userdata_My own Userpoint Type.svg in
    the settings directory. Icons for stock types can be changed by placing an icon with the same name like
    userdata_Airstrip.svg in the settings directory. See customization below.
  • Option for automatic creation of userpoint entry of type Logbook for each takeoff and landing.
    Logbook entry for landing contains trip information like average speed, fuel consumption and more.
  • Made naming in GUI more consistent. Userpoints are bookmarks, VRPs, etc.,
    Positions are user defined positions in a flight plan.
  • Creating backups of file little_navmap_userdata.sqlite on startup since undo/redo is not available yet.

Flight Plan Save and Export

  • Added menu options to save waypoints instead of SID/STAR or approaches. This affects all flight plan formats.
    Note that procedure information is omitted in the flight plans if enabled and cannot be reloaded.
    See Save Waypoints for Approaches and Save Waypoints for SID and STAR
    in the manual.
  • New flight plan export formats: Blackbox Simulations Airbus, iFly 737, ProSim, UFMC and X-FMC.
  • Added Show in SkyVector to export menu.
  • Can now load FSC flight plan files. Does not load procedures.
  • Save button is now always enabled to allow saving PLN file again after P3D changes file on loading.
  • Added option to save FSX/P3D flight plans using short names. Options on tab Flight Plan.
  • Export clean PLN flight plan file now remembers its own directory to allow saving to separate folder.
  • Fixed issues where circle-to-land procedures were not loaded properly and were incorrectly assigned to a runway.
  • Fixed issue where STAR procedures with runway assignment were not loaded correctly.
  • Fixed issues in export for flight factor aircraft. Last DCT is now omitted on export and full names
    are used for approach ident (I16L before, now ILS16L).
  • Fixed issue where flight plan was saved in the wrong format after undo/redo and
    Save as. This resulted in e.g. FSX PLN content in a FMS file.
  • Fixed issue when loading Fsbuild created flight plans which are missing the altitude field.

Flight Plan

  • Coordinates of flight plan user defined waypoints can now be changed in edit dialog.
    See Edit Flight Plan Position.
  • Now highlighting flight plan segments traveling wrongly against one-way airways in red to indicate error.
  • Showing ILS frequency in flight plan table if an ILS or LOC approach procedure is used.
  • Added follow selection mode to context menus of the flight plan window.
    This will center selected navaids or airports on the map using the current zoomlevel when
    enabled. #129
  • Added zoom to departure option in parking question dialog which shows up before saving. This allows to quickly
    assign a parking position on the map.
  • Fixed display issues around procedure names and suffixes.
  • Now showing navaid ranges for navaids which are parts of procedures E.g. Show navaid range for a
    NDB which is part of a procedure.

Flight Plan Description

  • Fixed errors in flight plan description parser. Now nearest airport or navaid is used for non
    unique names instead of giving preference to (possibly far away) waypoints.
  • Fixed several issues when parsing route strings. Now takes nearest navaid only if no
    waypoint/airway combination was found.
  • Fixed misleading warning in route string parser if airport name as intermediate destination or waypoint.
    is equal to an airway.


  • Added zulu time and day of month to status bar on the right (real time and date - not simulator time and date).
  • Added display of magnetic declination below cursor to status bar.
  • Split Map menu into Map and View since it got too big.
  • Added tooltips for all tab headers in main window and shortened some tab names to save space.
  • Removed menu items from macOS application menu since automatic adaption from Qt does not work.
    Fixes for missing about dialog on macOS.


  • Added option to keep active leg on top of flight plan table while flying. Options on tab Simulator Aircraft.
  • Added new flight plan and aircraft centering mode which keeps active leg and aircraft
    visible on the map when flying. Falls back to center aircraft on ground. Options on tab Simulator Aircraft.
  • Added jump back to aircraft options after given time when flying. Dialog Options on tab Simulator Aircraft.
    Allows zooming and scrolling during flight without disabling and re-enabling Center Aircraft.
  • Added option to dim passed legs of flight plan on the map and display them in a different
    color. Labels for passed legs are omitted to unclutter the map. Added color selection for passed
    flight plan legs. Options on tab Map Display. All #218
  • Adjusted label display for nearest five AI to show within 20 nm if vertical difference is not more than 5000 ft.
  • On-ground indication was unreliable for X-Plane causing first leg already centered on ground.


  • Added display for NOAA nearest weather stations. Now downloading index page from NOAA to avoid empty requests.
  • Added IVAO weather reports including options, URL configuration, URL test and display of nearest station.
  • Weather reports older than six hours are now shown in red in information window on tab Weather.
  • Fixed error on METAR stations improperly reporting CAVOK 9999.
  • Weather report now corrects old dates back to last valid date instead of showing future dates.
  • Variable winds are now reported correctly when speed is missing. #212
  • Now reporting variable winds together with wind/direction if both are given. #212
  • Fixed report on clouds when altitude was not given. #212
  • Fixed variable wind reported incorrectly for ///KT METAR. #224
  • Solved problem with X-Plane METAR.rwx containing duplicate records. #212
  • Removed METAR date for simulator weather since it was wrongly parsed and corresponds to simulator date anyway.

Compass Rose

  • Github Issue: #141
  • Manual: Compass Rose
  • Added compass rose showing magnetic direction plus option for line thickness
    (Options on tab Map Display). Compass rose is always visible when enabled.
    Heading and track lines are displayed as well if an aircraft is shown. Size is adjusted to screen
    with a maximum of 500 nm radius. Enable in menu View -> Show compass rose.


  • Now falling back to magnetic heading for aircraft rotation on map if true heading is not available.
    This should solve wrong aircraft heading on some online network clients where all client aircraft were shown
    with a heading of zero degree.
  • Added X-Plane 3D airport flag as additional criteria for treating empty airports. This can
    be used to hide or dim all X-Plane airports which are not 3D. See Options on tab Map.
  • White airport background can be disabled now. Options on tab Map Display.
  • Added option to disable all airport diagram features except runways for all who like to use
    the OpenStreetMap or other map background. See dialog Options on tab Map Display.
  • Added options to disable label background color for airport, flight plan and navaids. Options on tab Map Display.
  • Added options to disable map clicks for airports, navaids and airspaces similar to
    tooltips. Dialog Options on tab Map.
  • Fixed map overlays reappearing randomly when switching map theme.

Map Themes

  • Changed OpenStreetMap, OpenMapSurfer and Hillshading map downloads to use a SSL encrypted connections (HTTPS).
  • Fixed SSL loading problems on Linux (first noticed on Ubuntu 18.04) which kept the program from checking for updates or loading certain map themes like the OpenTopoMap.


  • Added override mode for airport ICAO search. All other search options will be ignored if a
    user enters more than two characters in the ICAO Code field. Override is indicated in
    the bottom label below the search result table. This helps to quickly find an airport without
    resetting search options.
  • Added follow selection mode to context menus of all search windows.
    Will center selected navaid, airport or procedures on the map using the current zoomlevel when
    enabled. #129
  • Increased maximum search radius for airports to 8000 nm.


  • Added zero fuel weight and total payload to window Simulator Aircraft on tab Aircraft.
  • Added estimated fuel at destination and TOD was well as estimated gross weight at
    destination to window Simulator Aircraft on tab Progress.
  • Now showing transition altitude in airport information if available in Navigraph database.


  • Changes for SID and STAR that use multiple or parallel runway assignments indicated by e.g.
    All or 23L/23R. Added sub menu in procedure search for SID/STAR selection
    if more than one runway can be selected. Procedures are now correctly resolved if loading or
    assigning such cases. This solves problems when saving procedures in X-Plane FMC 11 format or other
    various formats. #179
  • Changed context menu Show Procedures to show different texts when airport is
    destination or departure of current flight plan. Show procedures now sets filter to departure or
    arrival procedures depending on selected airport of flight plan.
  • Now showing a red warning message on top of the flight plan window if STAR and approach
    runways do not match. #179
  • Fixed tooltip and information display showing facility Procedures for all airports.
  • Fixed problem where fixes for long (> 200 NM) SID or STAR procedures could not be resolved
    and showed red waypoint errors in the procedure search tree.
  • Duplicate approach procedures for circle-to-land approaches are now suppressed.

Scenery Database


  • The included Navigraph AIRAC database was updated to cycle 1801.
  • Wrong magnetic declination for VOR stations now fixed.
  • Procedures of three letter airports are now recognized (if airport ident did not change).
  • Added transition altitude to airports.
  • Now updating magnetic declination for VOR, DME or TACAN with a calculated value where missing.
  • Corrected wrong runway heading for Navigraph compilation. #214
  • Fixes for missing airway segments in DFD compiler. Fixed duplicate removal of
    waypoints. #201
  • Now ignoring artificial circle-to-land approaches in DFD compiler.

X-Plane and Navigraph

  • SID and STAR common routes are now merged correctly into
    procedures. This results in correct SID/STAR and also removes
    the ghost entries. #193
  • Now removing all unneeded dummy NDB and VOR waypoints that were
    created for airway generation. #201
  • Fixed issue where approach name and/or suffix were not read correctly in X-Plane and DFD compiler.


  • Now reading FSX/P3D scenery entries pointing to scenery instead
    of the base directory which is allowed in P3D. These were silently omitted previously.
  • Reading .../Roaming/.../add-on.cfg and
    .../ProgramData/.../add-on.cfg now. #211
  • FSX/P3D is now hidden in the scenery library menu if the simulator base folder from the registry does not exist. This should help to avoid menu items for uninstalled simulators.
  • Added script by Gérard to clean out fake runways for AI in FSX/P3D.
  • Added logging for airport altitude to log file when reading delete records from FSX/P3D.
    Example: Add-on airport altitude for VQ10 changed from 7703 ft (BGL Scenery/0902/APX72220.bgl) to 8363 ft
  • Improved BGL file and scenery reading to include hidden and system files.


  • Updated included magnetic declination file to 2018.
  • Fixed issue with X-Plane airports that have a far off reference position. Now
    falling back to center of bounding rectangle or center of a single runway.
  • Fixed problem where CIFP files with lower case names were not recognized correctly.
  • Fixed issues with file or directory exclusion for X-Plane scenery loader
    which did not work properly in some cases.
  • Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth nav data/earth_nav.dat is
    now read properly to get fixed ILS. This solves problems wrong ILS heading in many places like LOWI.


  • Program will create a backup of little_navmap_mapstyle.ini and replace file with new colors
    (blue airways). All customization files are now versioned. Section [Options].
  • Added customize folder and for icon templates to allow users creating their own icons
    based on default ones.
Assets 5

@albar965 albar965 released this Feb 6, 2018


Please reload the scenery database to fix problems with incomplete airways.

Edit Feb. 7 2018: Added German and Dutch Translation packages
German translation by merspieler, Stephan Leukert und Alexander Barthel.
Dutch translation by Eddy Crequie.
See here for more information about translation packages.

Changes from Release 1.8.4 to 1.8.5

  • Fixed errors when compiling the X-Plane CIFP files that appear since AIRAC 1801.
  • Updated included Navigraph database correcting airways.
  • Fixes for missing airway segments in scenery library compiler for all formats (FSX, P3D, X-Plane and DFD). #201
Assets 7

@albar965 albar965 released this Dec 20, 2017 · 973 commits to master since this release

>> Please reload the scenery databases to avoid problems with saved flight plans. <<

  • Added flight plan export for Reality XP GTN and GNS units.
  • Added option to save Garmin flight plans with user defined waypoints only to avoid locked waypoints on AIRAC cycle mismatch.
  • Added search for X-Plane 3D airport flag in rating dropdown list. Needs scenery database reload.
  • Added display for new airport region where available. Needs scenery database reload.
  • Now displaying runway names for SIDs and STARs with reference to multiple parallel or all runways in procedure search. Partial solution for #179. Needs scenery database reload.
  • Changed route description text field to monospaced font and changed wrapping for word to any for better readability.
  • Added options to disable tooltips for selected map features: airports, navaids or airspaces.
  • Helipads can now be selected as a start position on the map.
  • Now using correct AIRAC cycle from nav database when writing FMS files. Used simulator version previously which could result in X-Plane warnings. Needs scenery database reload
  • Added warning dialog when AIRAC cycle is not available when saving flight plans in X-Plane FMS 11 format.
  • Departure runway is now correctly assigned according to SID runway when loading from formats which do not support departure parking (e.g. FMS or FPL).
  • Fixed issues where X-Plane cannot load STAR in FMS 11 flight plans because runway reference is missing.
  • Fixed issue where helipad name was not loaded correctly from FSX PLN files in certain cases.
  • Fixed Linux build to avoid problems with shared libraries on some platforms.
  • Removed unneeded startup script for Linux. Program executable can now be started directly from any directory without setting library path.
  • macOS compatibility changed since program does not work on 10.9 and below due to Qt requirements. Now at least version 10.10 is required. Now showing error dialog if macOS is too old. Program now refuses to run on Mavericks or older.
  • Fixed warning dialog for Linux and macOS which should show up only on Windows first startup.
  • Made program more tolerant for older database files.
  • Small adjustment to taxiway labels to show more often.
  • Updated translation files, French manual and legend.

from atools version 2.8.4

  • Fixed problem where translations for second and third languages were loaded for some regions.
  • Solved problem where translation files were loaded mixed in some cases.
  • Logging library paths now for debugging.
  • Added Garmin GNS XML flight plan export.
  • Added option to save GNS XML flightplans with user defined waypoints.
  • Column "arinc_name" in table "approaches" is now filled for SID and STAR to get runway
    information for multiple or all. Needed for future fixes of #179. Needs scenery database reload
  • Added new columns "region" and "is_3d" (X-Plane) in airport table. Adapted all compilers to fill it. Needs scenery database reload
  • Database minor version bumped up to 8.
  • Made flight plan format detection more tolerant for FMS 11 with missing cycle information.
  • Fixed issues where X-Plane cannot load STAR in FMS 11 flight plans because runway reference is missing. #173
  • Fixed invalid Majestic Dash FPR flight plan file export on Windows and added error check for invalid file size.
  • Fixed problem with wrong directory selection if default directory does not exist for file dialog.
  • Number of ALS is now correctly assigned to airports in X-Plane data compiler.
    This resulted in many airports having an ALS indication where none is.
  • Updated French translation.
Assets 5

@albar965 albar965 released this Nov 29, 2017 · 1009 commits to master since this release


This release adds support for Navigraph updates and includes a full AIRAC cycle including
procedures, airspaces, navaids and more.

Note that Navigraph updates will only be available as of December 7th with the next cycle 1713.

Furthermore, new flight plan export formats like the Majestic Dash and the new X-Plane 11 FMS format were added.

Changes from Release 1.6.7 to 1.8.3

Little Xpconnect was updated to 1.0.5. Minor changes only.

Little Navconnect was updated to 1.8.2. Minor changes and bug fixes only.

The program will automatically prepare the included Navigraph database on first start.

Reloading the scenery databases is recommended.



  • Added Navigraph database cycle 1707 to program download archive. Database is prepared and
    used automatically on startup. See the
    Navigation Databases
    chapter in the manual for more information.
  • Added sub-menu for Navigraph database in menu Scenery Library with three display options.
  • Program can now display mixed data (e.g. FSX/N in titlebar) on map and in information window:
    • Complete airports and ILS from simulator data.
    • Navaids, airways, airspaces and procedures from third party navdata like Navigraph.
  • Changed main window title bar to indicate usage of navdata (e.g. Navigraph):
    FSX/N: simulator and navdata, (FSX)/N: navdata only and FSX: simulator only.
    See Window Title
    in the online manual.
  • Additonal third party database is now opened from application directory
    first and can be overloaded in settings database directory by a newer one. Programm checks
    database internal compilation time before copying and creates database indexes on demand.
    Database is copied and prepared on first startup.

Flight Plan Export

  • Enabled saving of the new X-Plane 11 FMS file format and added warning before saving since the
    format is not usable by X-Plane 11.05.
    FMS 11 is now the default format when saving FMS although it needs at least a 11.10 beta version.
    FMS 3 can still be saved using the export option. See in the manual:
    FMS 11
    FMS 3.
  • Added flight plan export for Majestic Dash. Currently limited to waypoints. See in the manual:
  • Added export for IXEG 737 flight plan format. See in the manual:
  • Flight plan export to Flight Factor Airbus added. See in the manual:


  • Updated English manual and French program translation.
  • Added translated offline manual PDF by Patrick. Not yet available online.
  • Added French legend and updates to translation.


  • Added settings in option dialog on tab User Interface
    to force user interface language and locale (number format, date format and more) in program to English.
  • Added options to disable restoring the last search parameters, information window content and
    aircraft trail on startup in options dialog on tab Startup.


  • Updated Linux startup script so that it can be used also by the desktop launcher (thanks to Valerio for the tip).
  • Now adding all readme and changelog files to macOS deployment.
  • Added command line option -s or --settings-directory that allows to change the ABarthel part of the
    settings directory for testing purposes like running more than one version of Little Navmap.
  • Fixed display of navaids in information dock window on procedure tab and removed SIDs and STARs
    since this information was not useful.
  • Added cycle information to X-Plane menu item in scenery library menu showing AIRAC cycle of loaded X-Plane database.
  • Scenery library menu item is now disabled instead of being hidden if only one simulator is installed.
  • Adapted airspace and COM display to new types. Added caution airspace.
  • Information dock window on tab Runways/Helipads
    can now display more than one ILS for a runway end (EDDF 25R/07L in X-Plane).

Fixed Errors

  • Fixed error where ARINC name of procedures was not loaded causing problems when exporting and loading flight plans.
  • Fixed problem in ATS route string parser where an airway as an invalid first entry did not generate a warning message.
  • Fixed error in route string parser which did not recognize STARs correctly.
  • Fixed error where first enroute waypoint contained an airway reference after calculating with SID in some cases.
    This caused problems when exporting some flight plan formats and in the route string parser.
  • Fixed several display issues with large airspaces and airways crossing the anti meridian. These showed up
    mirrored with their tooltips in other parts of the world. Small problems remain (e.g. Melbourne FIR).
  • FSX/P3D: Added workaround for scenery sort order with add-on.xml files missing layer id.
    Now forcing navaid updates of fsAerodata to highest priority.
  • Fixed error where an automatic connect was attempted even when hostname is empty.
  • Fixed problem with almost invisible checkbox, radiobutton and toolbar-button state in night mode.
  • Fixed error with wrong ILS pitch in X-Plane compiler. Value was rounded to integer value.
  • Better handling of X-Plane OpenAirspace comments.
  • Fixed crashes and freezes with invalid or incomplete procedures.
    Drawing code is now more robust for invalid procedure legs as they appear in some add-on scenery.
  • Fixed problem where invalid procedure legs were not recognized (course/heading to DME distance or VOR radial).
  • Fixed problem where no scenery database was selected on first startup causing crashes when loading a flight plan.
  • Fixed handling of missing or inaccessible legend file. Now silently ignores error and redirects to
    web page if unavailable.
  • Fixed error in scenery library menu where a menu item could be deselected resulting in no selection at all.

See the included CHANGELOG.txt or here online for a complete list across all versions.

All files are checked by VirusTotal.

Assets 5

@albar965 albar965 released this Oct 28, 2017 · 1105 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed problem where procedures were assigned to the wrong runway in search window.
  • "No runway" filter is now back in procedure search.
  • Fixed problem with gap and wrong distance calculation for SIDs starting with an initial fix.
  • Fixed crash after startup when airport procedures changed.
  • Added adjustable limitation for maximum points of aircraft track
  • Added txt flight plan format usable by JARDesign or Rotate Simulations aircraft.
  • Fixed errors in ATS route string generation where a DCT was inserted after SID or before STAR
    statement creating invalid routes.
  • Fixed problem where X-Plane basepath was not found as "save as" or "export" default path.
  • Fixes for translation support.

from atools version 2.6.8

  • Fixed flight plan GPX export to save procedure points and altitude now.
  • Fixed exception when compiling new TACAN approach in P3D version 4.1.
  • Now populating channel in VORTACs.
  • Added new aviation acronyms to capitalization function.
  • Adapted weather parser for language translation.
  • Fixed error when loading FMS flight plans with invalid altitude values resulted in missing
    flight plan line in elevation profile.
Assets 5

@albar965 albar965 released this Oct 9, 2017 · 1124 commits to master since this release

This update includes several bugfixes, small GUI improvements, a revised manual and support for the OpenAir airspace format for X-Plane.

Changes from Release 1.6.4 to 1.6.6

Version 1.6.5 was an internal beta release.


  • Added OpenAir airspace format compilation for X-PLane. Also reading airspace files from
    from YOUR_DOCUMENTS_DIR/Little Navmap/X-Plane Airspaces. You have to create the Little Navmap/X-Plane Airspaces directory manually.
  • Added new airspace types Wave Window and Glider Prohibited.
  • Removed restrictions on user defined waypoint names. Names are now adjusted according to flight plan format when saving.
  • Enabled user defined waypoint names for X-Plane FMS format.
  • Changed rating checkbox to drop down list in airport search.
  • X-Plane 3D airport state is now considered when calculating rating.
  • Added display of simulator type to connection status in statusbar.
  • Airspace buttons are now disabled if no airspaces are loaded.
  • Now clipping long airport and user waypoint names on map.
  • Removed no SimConnect header label in connect dialog.
  • Added display of AIRAC cycle to database dialog (X-Plane only).
  • Added scenery file display for airspaces in information window.
  • Added download button to update notification dialog.
  • Better error handling and reporting of too old files with version < 850 when loading X-Plane scenery. Now checking X-Plane CIFP filenames before loading.
  • Now showing dialog on certain crash types to avoid silent crash to desktop.
  • Made loading of add-on.xml more robust for files with wrong encoding.
  • Added coordinates to CSV export to clipboard from flight plan and search result tables.

Bug Fixes

  • Offline map themes Atlas and Simple: Fixed missing lakes in map.
  • Fixed problem loading FS9 flight plans.
  • Attempt to fix zoom distance creep while using moving map.
  • Fixed error in airspace copy process from older database schemes where bounding rectangle was messed up. This resulted in an Too many objects message in the statusbar.
  • Solved problem with gaps between SIDs, STARs and the respective transitions resulting in wrong
    display and distance calculation.
  • Fixed problem where STAR was not reloaded after database switch.
  • Fixed issue where airspace display was not updated when changing cruise altitude with empty flight plan.
  • Fixed user waypoint format for FLP so that it can be reloaded.
  • Fixed confusing 0 errors dialog appearing after loading X-Plane database successfully.
  • Fixed Connect on startup checkbox state not saved in some cases.
  • Fixed status bar connection indication remaining in disconnected state sometimes.
  • Fixed potential crash on failing network connection.
  • Calculate based on given altitude is working again. Previously failed with Cannot find a route.
  • Now correctly considering minimum and maximum altitude ranges when calculating to avoid
    non-overlapping airway altitude ranges in one flight plan.
  • Fixed error in flight plan saving logic where cancel did not stop saving.
Assets 5
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