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The ABControls project's purpose is to provide various iOS controls within a framework.
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Carthage compatible The ABControls project's purpose is to provide various iOS controls within a reusable framework. In the decade I've been writing iOS apps for clients I've written dozens of custom UI elements - from special labels to barcode readers, to signature capture elements. I thought, why not take some of the things I've learned in this time and put together some UI controls that would both speed my development and more importantly hopefully help others to learn how to create their own controls.

All of the controls support @IBDesignable and @IBInspectable - so they will render within InterfaceBuilder. All objects inherit from UIView. To use, simply drop a UIView on your viewcontroller.view in IB, change the owner to ABControls and the class to the type of ABControl you'd like to use

Current List of Implemented Controls:

ABBarcodeScanner - Allows for scanning barcodes of various types. Inner class ABBarCode allows for creating a barcode image ABCheckBox - A simple checkbox control ABDropDown - A dropdown control.
ABImageViewer - Allows for specifying an array of UIImage objects, displays them in a scrollable image list and allows for selecting on to Be diaplayed/selected ABListBox - exactly what you expect it to be ABSignatureCapture - Allows for capture a touch drawn signature - returns as data, an image or a bezierpath ABTouchDraw - Similar to ABSignatureCapture -- allows for simple drawing with return data as an image. Very nasic, plenty of room for enhancement Additionally, I have created some placeholder classes for controls I plan to implement in the near future.


ABControls are compatible with Carthage and can be easily added to your application. ABControls supports generation of static frameworks using Carthage 0.30.0 or newer, or ABControls can be used as a dynamic framework. To install ABControls into your project using Carthage, add the following line to your Cartfile: github "albebaubles/ABControls" Next, run the following command from your terminal: carthage update This command will build the ABControls and ABControls-Static schemes. After being built, you can find the dynamic framework at Carthage/Build/iOS/ABControls.framework and the static framework at Carthage/Build/iOS/Static/ABControls.framework. Please note when using the static framework that you do not need to copy the static framework into the application bundle like you do with dynamic frameworks. Thank you! All feedback welcome.



You must be sure to add a camera usage description to your project's plist, otherwise you will not be able to scan a barcode. camera access setting Next step is to drop a UIView object onto your view, and change the class type to ABBarcodeScanner set class Now your view should indicate it's a barcode scanner
set class Now all that is left to do is wire the delegate, set the allowed barcode types (default is all == nil) and you are off and running. Note the camera turns on immediately for this control. No implementation for turning it off/on exists at this time. @IBOutlet weak private var barcodeScanner : ABBarcodeScanner! barcodeScanner.delegate = self

func didReceiveBarcode(_ code : ABBarCode) { NSLog("code value (") NSLog("code type (code.type)") } To create a barcode image its as simple as let barcodeImage = ABBarCode("CICode128BarcodeGenerator", "01171811182118061-05").image()### ABCheckBox

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