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Store and publish on the web temperature and humidity data
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Arduino Web Weather

Arduino Web Weather collects data from a temperature and humidity sensor, stores them in a CSV file on an SD card and serves this file over the web.


Minimum requirements are a DTH22 (or equivalent) temperature and humidity sensor, an Ethernet Shield and an RTC module. Oh, an Arduino UNO will help. :-P

I've used:

The web-weather.fzz file contains the Fritzing circuit diagram (in the media directory, a jpeg export of the diagram).


Just copy the web_weather directory into your ~/sketchbook directory. Most of it is commented, if you can understand my English.


In the media directory there are some pictures that may help you build the project.

How it works

  • copy the web_weather directory into your ~/sketchbook directory
  • it needs these libraries: RTClib ( ) and DHT22 ( )
  • put a microSD card in the slot of the Ethernet Shield.
  • modify the web_weather.ino file accordingly to your needs.
  • upload the program to your Arduino UNO board.
  • connect the ethernet cable to your router or switch.
  • fetch the data with something like: wget -O humidity-temp.csv


Davide Alberani (C) 2012


The code is covered by the GPL 3 or later license. The pictures and the circuit diagram are covered by a by-sa/3.0 creative commons license.

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