IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve and manage the data of the IMDb movie database about movies, people, characters and companies
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IMDbPY is a Python package for retrieving and managing the data of the IMDb movie database about movies, people and companies.


Revamp notice

Starting on November 2017, many things were improved and simplified:

  • moved the package to Python 3 (compatible with Python 2.7)
  • removed dependencies: SQLObject, C compiler, BeautifulSoup
  • removed the "mobile" and "httpThin" parsers
  • introduced a test suite (please help with it!)

Main features

  • written in Python 3 (compatible with Python 2.7)
  • platform-independent
  • can retrieve data from both the IMDb's web server, or a local copy of the database
  • simple and complete API
  • released under the terms of the GPL 2 license

IMDbPY powers many other software and has been used in various research papers. Curious about that?


Whenever possible, please use the latest version from the repository:

pip install git+

But if you want, you can also install the latest release from PyPI:

pip install imdbpy


Here's an example that demonstrates how to use IMDbPY:

from imdb import IMDb

# create an instance of the IMDb class
ia = IMDb()

# get a movie
movie = ia.get_movie('0133093')

# print the names of the directors of the movie
for director in movie['directors']:

# print the genres of the movie
for genre in movie['genres']:

# search for a person name
people = ia.search_person('Mel Gibson')
for person in people:
   print(person.personID, person['name'])